Dillon and Maxie go over his script at the Quartermaine mansion, but Dillon’s mind turns toward his father. The two discuss his mistrust of his father, and how Paul hasn’t been a big part of his life. Dillon worries that his mom and him are just fallbacks for his father losing Jenny. Maxie tells Dillon she gets it, and talks about how she’d rather have what she has with Frisco than nothing at all from him. Dillon realizes that Maxie is telling him he needs to learn to accept the good with the bad. However he worries that his dad could be manipulating him, especially with regards to the movie, and that things won’t last.

At Julian’s apartment, Paul and Ava discuss becoming partners, and that Paul wants to remain a silent one so his family doesn’t know who he is. She is shocked to learn his son is a Quartermaine. Ava isn’t sold on the idea, as she is more focused on getting her daughter back, which Paul points out could be hard because of how well connected Carly and Sonny are. Paul indicates that he can help her, as he’s going to become the new DA of Port Charles thanks to his good friend Mayor Lomax. He asks her what it will be, and she accepts his deal. Paul tells her that he’ll be in touch, and then he leaves.

At the hospital, Liz and Carly listen as Sonny keeps referring to Jake as Jason and begs him to help protect his family. Sonny eventually passes out, and Liz explains it’s the morphine. Carly understands, but wishes Jason were here now to help, as she doesn’t know what to do. Sonny begins screaming for Jason again, so Carly tells him that Jason is here. Sonny asks Jake, whom he still thinks is Jason, to go stop Morgan. Jake tells him that he’s handling it, and Sonny passes out once again. Jake decides to go find Morgan, and Carly tells him to start with Alexis. Liz doesn’t want him to get involved, as helping Sonny and Carly is what got Jason killed.

At Alexis’ place, TJ leaves a message for Morgan to try and stop him from doing anything crazy. Ric arrives to see Molly, who is upstairs because she’s not feeling good. Ric rants about Sonny’s situation and how Julian is getting away with it. Later, Ric gets a call from Lomax and learns he’s now out as Acting DA after failing to put Ava away. Ric heads out and tells TJ that he’ll check on Molly tomorrow.

Alexis rushes out of the cabin and right into Michael. She tells him what’s going on just as a gunshot goes off. Michael rushes in, followed by Alexis. Julian is on the ground, but he’s not dead. He was knocked unconscious during a struggle, but Morgan plans to shoot him still. Michael tries to talk him down, but Morgan won’t listen to reason. Michael lets him know that their dad is alive, and he’s worried because he knows his plan and wants him to stop. Morgan thinks he has to protect dad, but Michael says their father only cares about what is best for Morgan. Morgan eventually lets Julian go, but Michael warns Julian that he won’t overlook what he did to his father. Michael and Morgan leave.

Please note, the last four minutes were cut off due to coverage of the Pope’s arrival in the United States.

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