At Patrick’s place, Patrick asks a shocked Sam to marry him. He reveals he wasn’t planning this, and he doesn’t even have a ring, but the moment felt right. He quickly notices she isn’t saying yes. Sam tells him she’s hesitating because of Jason. He knows she’ll always love Jason, but Sam explains it is the timing. She tells him her wedding anniversary is tomorrow, which he understands. She tells him that his proposal is too important, and suggests they table it for now so it’s not hampered by the past. He asks if she can see herself married to him one day, and she says yes.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Dillon discuss how much Paul seems to have changed. Maxie thinks Tracy is into Paul, but Tracy says they only hope to be friends. Tracy explains her past with Paul, including his shady dealings with the mob. Maxie thought Paul was a lawyer. Tracy says he is, and the mob strong armed him into working for them. Tracy also explains that she’s been burned too many times, and Dillon feels his mom proceeding with caution is a good idea. Maxie just wants everyone to be as happy as she is and suggests Tracy jump in with both feet, as it is clear that Paul seems to make her happy.

Paul shows up at Ava’s door with an offer to help her. He introduces himself, and then dangles the flash drive in front of her. She invites him in, and he helps himself to a drink. Ava wants to know how much he wants for the recording. Paul tells her that he has money, what he wants is power. He says they are going to run the Jerome organization together, and reveals he’s been the one targeting Sonny, and the one who shot him. Paul wants them to move now and snatch Sonny’s territories, but Ava wonders why she should throw in with him given he’s framed her brother. Paul reminds her that he has the flash drive, so he’s not asking her to help him, he’s telling her to. Ava wonders why he needs her, so he explains he likes to be the man behind the curtain. Ava realizes he’d be a silent partner, which Paul says will keep his family in the dark.

At the hospital, Liz comes in to check on Sonny and change his bandages. Carly leaves the room, and Liz patches Sonny up and gives him more medication. Sonny wishes Jason was alive to see her get her son back. Meanwhile, Jake shows up to check on Carly, and she tells him about what is going on with Morgan. Jake offers to go find Morgan for her. Liz comes out of Sonny’s room and tells Jake that Sonny wishes to see him. Jake goes in to see Sonny, who tells “Jason” that he could always count on him. Liz and Carly hear this.

Michael and Milo arrive at Alexis’ place looking for Morgan, but only find TJ. Michael explains that Morgan is out for revenge on Julian, and he asks TJ to help him. After Michael argues with TJ for a while, TJ finally tells Michael and Milo that Morgan was here and was going after Alexis and Julian at a cabin.

Morgan arrives at the cabin and holds Julian and Alexis at gunpoint. He forces Julian to give up his gun or else he will shoot Alexis. Morgan tells Julian that he is dead for shooting his dad, and won’t listen when Julian tries to tell him that he had nothing to do with it. Alexis tries to reason with Morgan and begs him to put the gun down as Sonny wouldn’t want him to do this. They argue back and forth, and Morgan asks Julian if he wasn’t behind the shooting, then who was. Julian doesn’t know, and says that any other rival family could be after his territory and Sonny’s. Alexis tells Morgan that he’s going to have to kill her too as she’s an eye witness. Julian begs Morgan to let Alexis go. Morgan orders Alexis to give him her phone, which she does, and then he tells her to leave. Julian pleads with Alexis to go. She tells Julian that she loves him, and runs out of the cabin. Michael arrives just as a gunshot goes off.

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Michael burst into the cabin and is shocked by what he finds.

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