At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy senses something is wrong with Paul. He just mailed off his divorce papers. She gives him a hug. They share a close moment but it is ruined as Maxie and Dillon stride in, complaining about the mayor shutting down his set. He explains how delays will doom the production. Paul has an idea. He went to law school with Mayor Lomax and he’s her Achilles heel. She always had a thing for him. Dillon is thrilled. Paul makes a call to the mayor. They catch up and he gets the permits lifted. Tracy worries that he’s lit a fire under Lomax. He promises he’s not really interested in her. After he leaves to see the mayor, Tracy fills Dillon in on his father finalizing his divorce. “I think maybe he turned into a real stand-up guy,” she says.

As they head to his room, Scott demands the money that Ava has promised him. When they get inside, the room has been tossed and the recording is gone. He assumes that Ric must have been behind this and her days are numbered. “You still owe me five million dollars,” he adds. She refuses to give him a cent until they get the recording back.

Patrick heads home. Sam, Anna and the kids leap up to surprise him for his birthday. They unwrap his gifts. Emma gives him trouble dolls to tell his problems to. Anna tells Sam about her troubles with Sloane. Sam assures her that things will be fine. The gift opening continues. Sam gives him a guitar. There is cake and the doctor tells them that his wishes have all come true. Later, as they clean up, Patrick tells Sam he wants to marry her.

Kristina sits with Carly at the hospital. They wonder where Morgan disappeared to. Meanwhile, Michael is in his father’s room. Sonny remembers Morgan visiting him. “Morgan is going to kill Julian Jerome,” Sonny says, begging Michael to stop him. Michael walks out and tips Carly off. They corner Milo, who admits that Morgan went after Julian with a gun. Michael wants to call Dante but his mom talks him out of it. He decides to track Morgan down on his own. After enlisting Milo’s help, they head out. Carly goes into Sonny’s room and tries to keep him calm. Kristina walks in on her assuring him that Michael will stop the killing. She corners Carly about this when they head into the corridor. Carly insists that all will be well but Kristina worries her mom could wind up being collateral damage.

Morgan shows up at Julian’s penthouse. He pulls out his gun, gets in and looks around for Jerome. The place is empty so he stomps off. Moments later, Michael and Milo arrive. The place is empty. Soon after, Ava arrives and furiously curses before heading to the bathroom to do her hair. Once she’s back to blond, Scott calls but he hasn’t found the flashdrive. When she gets off the phone, someone arrives at her door. It’s Paul. “I think I can help you,” he tells her.

Michael and Milo return to the hospital to inform Carly and Kristina that Morgan is nowhere to be found. Kristina freaks out.

Alexis takes Julian to Sam’s to hide. She wants to send him off to her secret cabin in the woods. After they depart, TJ creeps out from around a corner. Morgan shows up as TJ pockets a flyer about the cabin. “Do you know where Julian and Alexis are?” the Corinthos asks. TJ advises him to stay out of the mob battle. This outrages Morgan, who demands to know where Julian could be. Later, Milo and Michael arrive, looking for Morgan.

Alexis drops Julian off at the cabin. Before she can rush off, Morgan jumps out of the bushes with his gun drawn.

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