At the hospital, Sonny wakes up and tells Carly that he’s sorry that he missed their wedding. Meanwhile, Valerie has to head back to work, and Lulu decides to go with her and check on Dante. Elsewhere, TJ is relieved to learn Sonny is going to be okay. Morgan grills him about what he heard or saw, but TJ says that Charlie was careful not to say anyone’s name.

At the station, Dante talks with Nathan about how his guilt is getting to him. He doesn’t know whether to confess, or keep the secret. He thinks keeping it a secret is best, and that Valerie’s moved on with Dillon. Nathan knows otherwise, and as he tries to tell him about her feelings, Lulu and Valerie arrive. Lulu wanted to come and tell Dante how great he is as a son, a father and a husband. They hug, and Nathan sees the look of hurt on Valerie’s face. She begs Nathan not to tell Dante about her feelings for him, as he has enough on his plate.

Julian is at his place and takes a call from Sam, who he promises that he will be on guard for retaliation from Sonny’s men. Later he learns about Ava’s trial on the TV, and gets a call from her at the courthouse. Ava fills him in that Diane won’t represent her, and Scott is her new lawyer. She lets him know that Scott has the recording as well, so she’s coming home and will be getting her baby back. Scott tells Ava they have to get started, so their call is cut short.

At Sam’s place, Molly argues with Sam over Julian’s innocence. Alexis interrupts when she returns home with a surprise, and in walks Kristina. After catching up with her sisters, Kristina decides to go to the hospital and see her dad. Molly also leaves to go meet a study partner at school. Alexis and Sam discuss Julian. Sam believes Julian is innocent, but everyone connected to Sonny thinks he did it.

In court, the judge announces this hearing is to review the evidence against Ava and set a trial date. Rick asks for a continuance, which leads to an argument between Scott and Ric. Scott wants to know what the continuance is for, and Ric reveals that the recording that led to Ava’s arrest is missing. He explains it appears to have been taken from his office when it was searched recently for evidence in the Silas Clay murder case. The judge wants to speak with the Commissioner, so Jordan testifies that the drive is indeed missing. Ric accuses Scott of stealing it, though he has no proof of that claim, so Scott asks for the charges against his client to be dropped. The judge is forced to dismiss the charges, though notes that if the flash drive is located then Ava will stand trial. Ava is so thrilled that she hugs Scott, while Ric gets a nasty phone call from Mayor Lomax.

Alexis shows up to Julian’s place. Julian swears he is innocent, but he’s a marked man and has to get out of town. Alexis believes that will look bad as his trial is coming up, but Julian feels they’ll find out who shot Sonny before then. Julian asks Alexis to go with him, but she can’t leave her daughters. He begs her to go with him, as he doesn’t feel she’ll be safe.

Kristina arrives at the hospital and is reunited with her brothers. Back in Sonny’s room, Carly tells him that she found his vows, and they were beautiful. As they talk, Kristina comes in to see her father. Carly leaves them, and Kristina tells her dad how much she loves him, and that she’s proud to be his daughter. She’s worried about him, but he tells her not to be. Meanwhile, Michael tells Morgan that Max is meeting with the other major families to see if he can find out who did this, as dad is still a target. Later, Carly talks with Michael, while Morgan asks Milo, who is standing guard of Sonny, for a favor. Eventually Michael goes in to see Sonny and tells him that he loves him, and he is his father. He tells him that they all talked to him while he was unconscious, and asks if Sonny remembers. Sonny remembers Morgan vowing revenge against Julian.

Ava sees Scott back to his room at the Metro Court. He reminds her that she still owes him five million, which she promises to transfer to his account. As they enter his room, they discover someone has ransacked it.

Morgan arrives at Julian’s place with a gun.

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Patrick comes home to a surprise birthday party.

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Ava asks Scott where the flash drive is.

Carly wonders where Morgan has gone.

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Morgan bursts into Julian’s apartment with his gun drawn.

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