Lulu is at the hospital and talks with Olivia about how Dante is doing. Olivia leaves to find out news on Sonny, and Lulu heads to find Dante. In the chapel, Dante prays for Sonny, and asks for forgiveness for cheating on his wife. Lulu walks in as Dante is wondering if he can be forgiven for what he’s done. She questions him about what he needs forgiveness for. He claims he was angry and yelled at Sonny last night, which is when all the machines started beeping and his heart stopped. Lulu tells him that wasn’t his fault and he shouldn’t beat himself up. Meanwhile, Olivia finds the rest of the family just as Patrick comes out of the OR with news. He tells them that Sonny pulled through, but he’s not out of the woods just yet. Patrick informs them that they have to wait for the swelling to subside, and it will be a few days before they know the long term prognosis. Back in the chapel, Dante is about to confess all to Lulu, but Olivia interrupts them with the news that Sonny is out of the OR, so they head to find out how he is. Patrick allows the family to go in one at a time and visit with Sonny. Carly goes in first, and asks Sonny to open his eyes and come back to her. Sonny opens his eyes and looks at her.

At the police station, Valerie asks Nathan why he seems to have a chip on his shoulder regarding her. He tells her that he knows she and Dante slept together, and he can’t help but notice how she acts around Dante. He doesn’t know if he’s misreading her extreme concern for Dante, but she says he’s not. Valerie says she does have feelings for Dante, but she won’t be the reason Dante loses his family. Nathan is glad to hear that, and tells her that he wants to see her happy too. Nathan feels they should leave this in the past and move forward. They agree to never speak of this again. Nathan then gets a call from the lab about the evidence on Julian he was waiting for. Down in the holding cells, Scott visits Ava and reveals he is her lawyer. Scott reveals to her that Julian is in jail again and tells her about the charges against him. Ava remembers asking Julian to stop the wedding for her, and thinks Julian did it for her. Scott asks her what she knows about Julian and the shooting, but Ava refuses to talk to anyone but her lawyer Diane. Scott says Diane isn’t coming, as she is involved with Max, so she asked him to take the case. Ava wonders why he’d help her given what she did to Franco, and he tells her he has no issue getting into bed with Sonny’s enemies. He also reveals that he has the recording, which is the main evidence against her. He says without it the DA has nothing on her, and he offers it to her for five million dollars. Ava says she may be able to afford that, and asks if he does custody cases as well, because her first act as a free woman will be to get her daughter back. Scott says he can help with that. Meanwhile, Lucas visits Julian in jail and asks him if he had Sonny shot. Julian says he had nothing to do with the shooting and they don’t have the evidence to pin this on him. Lucas is upset and tells him about having to be a doctor and giving family bad news about loved ones, and how “the business” is responsible for so much violence. He worries one day Julian may end up in his ER. He knows Sonny’s men will be after him, and tells his dad that Sam’s worried they will retaliate. Julian fears Sam may be right, but says he can take care of himself. Nathan arrives and lets Julian out saying he’s been cleared.

Back at the hospital, Valerie shows up to give Sonny’s family the news that there is no evidence against Julian to continue holding him, and he’s been let go.

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