Jake joins Liz on her porch. He assures her that he won’t abandon her, no matter what she wants to tell him. She confesses that she did something terrible to Sam. After some prodding, she explains that Sam’s baby was swapped for a dead one. When Jason went searching for Danny, she falsified the results to keep Sam and Jason apart because she wanted him for herself. She felt guilty and confessed. He’s not sure why she is making this confession to him. Liz keeps beating herself up but he tells her to stop. She just wants to be honest and he needs to know what she’s capable of. Jake doesn’t think he’s in any position to judge considering all the people he’s killed. That means a lot to her. He says that being together is all that matters. They head to bed.

Sam is surprised when she finds Ric laughing it up on her couch with Danny. Molly let him in since his wife threw him out. He’s worried about his brother. She fills him in with the latest. They discuss Sonny’s resiliency and Ric wonders why his brother would have made himself so vulnerable. The topic turns to Jason and how Jake did exactly what he would have done. She recalls how Jason died protecting people. He suggests that she must be feeling a lot of deja vu at the moment. That ends the conversation for her. After he goes up to say goodnight to Molly, she starts looking through her Jason photo album.

At home, Maxie wishes that she and Nathan could have a week without interruptions. She worries about Sonny and Carly. He tells her about Jake killing three people. She finds it weird, especially the fact that Sam keeps hanging out with him. Maxie worries that Nathan’s luck might run out the next time he’s in a shootout. He tells her they need to cherish every moment.

At the hospital, Patrick and his crew try to stabilize Sonny. He walks out to the family and tells them that Sonny’s heart stopped. They may have to take him into surgery, although he may not be strong enough to survive it. After the doctor walks off, Morgan starts to manically pace and Carly stares into space. Michael and Dante discuss who could be responsible for the shooting. Michael has realized that Sonny is his father and he needs to accept him. Dante wishes he could do that too. Sabrina arrives to comfort her boyfriend. Carly tries to calm Morgan down. That doesn’t work. Patrick returns to say that the bullet seems to be moving toward Sonny’s heart. It could kill him or the surgery could. He leaves them to mull over what they want to do. Carly lets the sons debate but they are sure their father would want her to make the choice. She heads into Sonny’s room. Sitting by his side, she muses on what he would want. Finally, she informs the family of her choice and Sonny is prepared for surgery. Patrick calls Sam to say he will be in the OR all night. She’s sure that if anyone can save Sonny, it’s him.

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