Maxie is relieved when Nathan gets home. She tells him what a horrible day it has been. He fills her in about his sister going free. He’s not crazy about Franco but has to admit that he seems willing to do anything for the woman he loves.

At home, Liz sobs as she thinks of how she has lied to Jake. He comes downstairs and wonders what the tears are for. She claims everything she has done has been out of love for him… But she’s done something terrible that will destroy them. Liz tells him how much she loved Jason and how she didn’t want Sam to have him. Her son runs downstairs. He just had a nightmare about Jake leaving. Big Jake assures the little one he’s not going anywhere and then tickles him as Liz tears up again. Jake tells the kid just to think of the good things in their lives and the bad dreams will go away. He takes him up to bed. Once that’s done, he joins Liz on the porch, promising that he’s not walking away, no matter what she has to tell him. “I’ve done something terrible to Sam,” she says.

At the hospital, Dante asks Patrick what Sonny’s chances are. The doctor says he might not make it. Sam asks about the investigation and the cop admits that Julian is in lock-up. Dante goes off. Sam mopes and worries. Patrick points out that she and Jake were on the pier as well. Needling her about Jake killing three people makes her defensive. She compares him to Jason and then worries about her father, hoping that he’ll be safe from revenge while in custody. Meanwhile, Morgan is at his father’s bedside, vowing to kill Julian. Dante interrupts this and assures his brother that he is building a case against Jerome. After Morgan walks out, Dante wonders how his father could have walked into an ambush like this. He wishes he’d called him as a cop. He doesn’t want to lose him and loves him, even though he does selfish things. Dante wishes he’d try harder to be a dad than a Teflon don. Morgan may blame Julian, but he blames him. Sonny’s machines start beeping. Down the hall, Michael and Carly stumble onto Sonny’s wedding vows after they fall out of his jacket. She’s moved and decides to head to the chapel to read them alone. When she gets there, she prays for Sonny’s life. After lighting a candle, she debates with herself about reading the vows. Eventually, she does and imagines him reading them to her. He could die happy knowing that he spent the last day of his life with her. Back down the hall, Michael and Morgan discuss their mother. Morgan rails about Julian and his brother tries to keep him cool, suggesting that he see a shrink. They start bickering about this until Dante runs out, shouting for a doctor. Patrick runs into Sonny’s room and Michael fetches his mother.

Ric returns to his suite and is confused to find a crib there. Nina and Franco startle him as they appear, playing a recording of a baby crying. They confront him about scheming with Madeline. Ric plays dumb but they’ve already found someone to testify against him about his ‘shenanigans’. The lawyer wants to negotiate so they ask him to sign an annulment giving up all claims and rights. “Take the pen or go to the pen,” Franco prompts. After he signs, she asks if he ever loved her and then laughs in his face. They kick him out. Now they’re free. She thinks he’s the best. They make out.

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