Morgan arrives at the PCPD and lunges at Julian after Dante mentions that Jerome was at the crime scene. The cops drag Morgan off. Julian continues to insist on his innocence. Morgan continues uttering threats as his brother sends him out. Getting antsy, Jerome continues demanding to be let go. He suggests that they hold Olivia and then makes a joke to Lulu about Dante inheriting his father’s wandering eye. That pushes the cop too far and he punches him and then has him taken down to lock-up.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Liz over the phone that he pinned the whole Jake thing on Helena. Hayden pops up and he gets off the line. She quizzes him about Helena until Sloane interrupts. He reminds the prince that he’s kept him free and wonders how much that is worth. It’s not worth much to the Cassadine. Kyle bellows about this costing him Anna. Hayden mocks him for chasing after a woman who was trying to put him in jail, even though it’s kind of tragic. She encourages him not to give up. Nikolas shruggingly promises him money and Sloane exits. Hayden wonders if love actually means anything to the prince. She’s sure he’s been hurt badly by a woman and wonders if it was her. “It was the other way around,” he says.

Jake returns to Liz’s. She’s waiting on the porch and surprised to see him covered in blood. He explains what happened on the docks. She gets uncomfortable when he explains that Sam was there. He tells her how weird it was when Sonny said he knew he’d come. The whole thing made him feel a surprising obligation to Corinthos. Liz doesn’t know what she would have done if he was hurt. Jake is reassuring and heads upstairs for a shower. When he returns, she’s crying. “I have to tell you something,” she says.

At the hospital, Patrick informs Sonny’s family that one wrong move in the surgery could leave the mobster paralyzed. Carly takes the doctor aside and he confirms that Sonny might die. He joins Sam across the room and she explains what happened at the shooting. The doctor is not happy to hear about Jake’s involvement. It scares him that she tends to run toward gunshots rather than away from them. She understands his concerns and assures him that she’s happy with him in a way she never thought was possible. Meanwhile, TJ apologizes to Carly for getting Sonny hurt. She says it’s not his fault. Michael enters his father’s room and fills him in on how the family is reacting. He promises to do everything he can to make things right. “I love you Dad,” he says. He walks out and gets TJ to fill him in on what happened during the shooting. Michael is sure his father can come back from this. Back in Sonny’s room, Carly begs him to fight and vows to fight with him. After she promises that the wedding will go on, she walks out to Michael. Morgan arrives, frazzled. His family tries to keep him calm. He heads in to see his father. TJ has just left after promising to pay him back. Morgan starts weeping and vows to make Julian pay. Back down the hall Patrick gets the latest scans on Sonny. They aren’t good.

Anna shows up in Jordan’s office. The boss is distraught about what happened to her son. She blames herself for letting TJ out of her orbit. The topic turns to Sloane. Anna tells her she no longer needs to get him immunity. He has betrayed her… but she doesn’t want Jordan to go after him. Jordan is eager to toss his apartment for evidence. The former commissioner realizes that Sloane probably has her gun so she talks her out of it. Anna tells her that she was right about her needing to take a chance with a new man, just not with Sloane.

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