Tracy finds Paul looking over his divorce papers at the Quartermaine mansion. Paul feels like a failure because of them, so Tracy reminds him whom he’s talking to. Paul is finding it difficult to actually sign the papers and end things.

Jordan brings TJ into her office to have a talk about what happened to Sonny and how TJ could have been hurt. She wants TJ to move out of Sonny’s house and break all ties with him, but TJ refuses. The two argue back and forth, and TJ tells his mother that Sonny risked his life to save him. TJ won’t abandon him, and in fact claims he’s indebted to him. TJ tells her to work on finding who did this to Sonny, and he leaves. Meanwhile Dante finds Julian leaving the holding cell area and questions him about Sonny’s shooting. Julian claims to know nothing about it swears he’s innocent. Dante tells him that Charlie was willing to testify that he was working for Julian, so Julian tells him to bring Charlie here and face him. Dante reveals that Charlie and his friends are dead thanks to Jake Doe. Dante thinks Julian fired the shot at Sonny, but Julian won’t answer any more questions without his lawyer.

At Sonny’s place, Maxie puts Avery down while Sabrina and Lulu wait for news. Lulu calls Olivia to tell her about Sonny, and to ask her to stay with Rocco a little longer. Sabrina decides to go get Michael a change of clothes in case he needs to stay at the hospital and leaves. Later Olivia arrives, having secured a sitter for Rocco, as the waiting was driving her crazy. Lulu tells her what she knows about the shooting, and Olivia recalls seeing Julian at the pier earlier tonight. Lulu realizes Dante needs to know this, so she rushes out.

At the hospital, Patrick explains to Carly and the others that the bullet is lodged near Sonny’s spine, and that paralysis is a concern. Patrick tells them it could be awhile before they know the full extent of the damage. He returns to working on Sonny. Carly asks Jake what happened at the warehouse, so he explains what occurred play by play. Carly thanks Jake and Sam for what they’ve done, and Michael promises Jake they will make sure he isn’t punished for killing the gunmen. Jake and Sam leave in order to give the police their statements. One of Sonny’s men arrives, having been called by Michael, who gives him orders on keeping the house secure. Ric also arrives to see Sonny, only to have Morgan blame him for what happened as he let Charlie out of lockup. Ric swears he’s loyal to Sonny, but Carly doesn’t believe him and feels this is what he has wanted all along, Sonny gone. Morgan storms out in anger, and Michael and Carly tell Ric to get out. Ric says he’s Sonny’s brother, his only relative, and reminds Carly that she isn’t his wife yet. Michael says he’s Sonny’s son, but Ric reminds him how he abandoned his father, and he isn’t blood. Ric refuses to leave, so Michael has Sonny’s man escort Ric out. Carly is proud of Michael, and assures him that Sonny will know what he did for him.

Sabrina arrives at the Quartermaine mansion to get a change of clothes for Michael. Tracy asks how the wedding was, and Sabrina explains the wedding never happened due to Sonny being shot. Tracy feels bad for Avery, Michael and Morgan, though she isn’t surprised given what Sonny is involved in. Sabrina heads out, and Paul and Tracy discuss how quickly life can change. Paul realizes it’s time for him to move on, so he signs his divorce papers.

Jake and Sam take a walk down by the pier, and Sam tells him how Jason would have done exactly what he did tonight. Sam realizes they are at the same spot where she lost Jason, and she can’t help but wonder how different things could have turned out for her if Jason hadn’t come here that night. Sam heads off, and Jake remains behind to think about things.

Back at the station, Julian tells Dante he is leaving, as he has nothing to hold him on. Lulu walks in and informs Dante that Julian was at the pier around the time of the shooting according to Olivia.

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