In Jordan’s office, Sloane threatens to tell what he knows about Carlos’ murder unless Anna makes sure that Jordan gets him an immunity deal. Anna tells him that he can’t get a deal without turning in Nikolas, which Sloane won’t do. Sloane orders Anna to find a way to get the heat off him.

On the pier, the officers take TJ to the station to question him, while the paramedics transport Sonny to the hospital. Sam stays by Sonny’s side.

Jake walks into Sonny’s place covered in blood and interrupts Carly’s hopeful speech to her family. He tells them all that Sonny was shot, and he explains everything he knows, that Sonny was alive when he left him and should be at the ER by now. Dante heads to the station, while Carly and the boys head to the hospital. Sabrina, Maxie and Lulu remain behind to watch Avery, and Maxie can’t help but reflect on what’s happened to Sonny. They all discuss how these things happen to Sonny a lot, and how Michael is more like Sonny than Sabrina realizes. Maxie warns her that Michael will always be loyal to Sonny, and she should know what she’s getting herself into.

Down in the holding cells at the station, Julian visits Ava and the two discuss her case. When Ava learns about Sonny’s wedding, she asks Julian to stop it so that Carly doesn’t take her daughter from her. Julian thinks maybe they won’t go through with the wedding, but Ava rants that he has no idea what she feels like losing her child. Meanwhile, Jordan learns that TJ was involved in a shooting at the pier, just as TJ arrives to let her know that he’s fine. He explains everything that happened, which confirms all her fears about him living in Sonny’s house. Dante arrives and questions TJ, who tells them that Charlie was working for someone, but he never said it was Julian. TJ blames himself and reminds her that Avery is alive, while his son is dead. Ava quickly apologizes for her thoughtlessness. Julian talks about Olivia and the baby, and how every time he sees Olivia that he feels something is off with her. Julian heads off and leaves Ava to think. appened to Sonny, but Dante says this isn’t his fault. As they continue questioning him, TJ reveals it was Jake who saved him from Charlie and his men, and he killed them. Dante decides to head to the hospital to check on his father. Back in Jordan’s office, Sloane reveals that he kept Anna’s gun with her fingerprints all over them. Anna realizes he had planned to use Carlos’ murder against her all along. Sloane reminds her that he got fired over what she did, and now she’s selling him down the river for a bunch of rich people. He demands she fix things for him, or he’ll put her away for murder. Anna tells Sloane that she didn’t hold back from her feelings for him because of Duke’s memory, but because he isn’t half the man Duke was. The two bicker about Duke, who Sloane calls a monster. Anna cries and defends Duke and explains his actions to Sloane who assures her that he cares for her, but he won’t lose everything because of his feelings. He walks out.

Sonny is brought into General Hospital, where Patrick takes charge of saving his life. Meanwhile, Sam calls Alexis to try and tell her about Sonny, but only gets her voicemail. Carly, Michael, Morgan and Jake arrive, and Sam tells Jake what she knows about Sonny’s condition, but she also can’t help but remember how he took down three men on the pier in a matter of seconds. Carly and the boys hear what Jake did, and Carly tells him they are so grateful to him. Patrick comes out to update the family that he’s in shock, and needs a transfusion. Carly thinks Patrick is saying that Sonny will be okay, but that’s not what he’s saying.

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