At Wyndemere, Sam informs Nikolas that Sloane is going to give him up for election tampering. They give him the choice of prison or handing ELQ back to Michael. The prince refuses. Sloane adds that he won’t testify and claims that Nikolas had nothing to do with fixing the election. Sam and Jake start to sputter. Nikolas smirks and thanks Kyle, who exits. The Cassadine asks his uninvited guests to leave. Once they are gone, Hayden admits she thinks that the prince is lying about not knowing who Jake really is.

Anna gives Jordan a hug when she visits her in her office. They catch up. Anna needs to get immunity for Sloane for election tampering. Jordan starts teasing her about her involvement with Kyle and Anna details how their relationship evolved… but they aren’t together now. Jordan wonders why not and encourages her to seek happiness. Anna insists that Duke will never leave her heart. She was in a dark place after he died and Kyle is wrapped up in that. Jordan is sure that Duke would want her to move on. She goes off to see Ric. Left alone, Anna thinks about Sloane. He suddenly appears and a sexy music cue ensues.

Maxie is at Carly’s, re-arranging her flowers. Carly talks about how perfect her wedding is going to be. Maxie panics when she learns that Michael is coming when he isn’t on the guest list. Lulu, Bobbie, and Valerie arrive. There are hugs and clapping until the gift giving begins. Maxie gives her a bracelet, Valerie lends her her grandmother’s cross, Lulu gives her a blue garter, and Bobbie gives her a handkerchief made from the baby bonnet she bought for her when she was born. Everyone tears up. Carly is thrilled. She, Bobbie and Maxie bustle off to get ready. Lulu tells Val that she really wants them to have a good relationship. They both want a fresh start and hug. Meanwhile, Michael joins his brothers on the balcony. They wonder where their father is. Dante fills them in on what’s been going on with Sonny and Ric lately. As the cop goes off to make some calls, Michael tells Morgan that he showed up for his sake. They talk about how Sonny came through for Morgan. He even convinced him to see a shrink. Dante returns and informs them that their father went off solo.

Olivia is on the docks talking loudly on the phone about keeping Julian’s child from him. He stumbles over. She gets off the phone and they chit chat. He tells her about leaving the mob. She insists that she has no grudge against him but doesn’t want to be friends. Meanwhile, Sonny confronts Charlie in the warehouse where TJ is strapped to a chair. Corinthos demands TJ’s release and rails about how stupid Charlie is. “Tell Julian to come now!” the mobster barks. He offers to let Charlie take off. When he doesn’t, Sonny challenges him to shoot him. TJ mouths off so Charlie threatens to shoot him. Sonny argues with him about this and, eventually, he and Charlie are struggling over his gun. Corinthos gets the gun and orders him to untie TJ. As he talks about how nothing will get in the way of him keeping his date with Carly, a distant figure appears and shoots him. Outside, Sam and Jake are complaining about Sloane double crossing them. When they hear the shot, he pulls her behind some crates.

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