At Wyndemere, Hayden has another memory of kissing Nikolas, and that he was telling her to stop making threats about Jake. Nikolas tries to dismiss her memories, but she wonders if she knew who Jake was. Jake and Sam arrive and interrupt their discussion. They claim they are here to check on Hayden and barge right in. Sam asks if she remembers anything yet. Hayden says she has had memory flashes about talking to Nikolas about Jake. Sam remembers Hayden claimed someone else knew who Jake was, and she wonders if it was Nikolas. Nikolas swears he didn’t know, and perhaps Helena knew and trusted the secret with Hayden.

Outside Kelly’s, Anna arrives for a meeting with Sloane, and wonders if he can take this as a sign there is a chance for them. Anna says she reached out to him for comfort at a time she needed some, but she’s not sure they have a future together. However she does need his help with Nikolas Cassadine. She explains that they want to use the information on his rigging the election in order to get him to give ELQ back. Sloane is reluctant as it will expose him as well, but she offers to get him a deal. Anna needs to do this as she is supposed to be a good guy, and this is a way back to the right side for her. He asks her what she wants him to do. She asks him to tell Nikolas that he plans to tell Jordan the truth, so he agrees.

At Sonny’s compound, Sonny checks on the preparations for the wedding. Ric shows up just to wish Sonny well, and tell him that he’s been put on new case bringing down Julian. However in exchange for the hijacker of his shipments’ testimony against Julian, he had to let the guy go. The two switch the subject to Morgan, who had a rough night. Morgan eventually shows up completely hung over, and the housekeeper lets Sonny know that TJ has not arrived with the cake yet.

Michael arrives at Carly’s place to see her, and she wants to know if he’s changed his mind. Michael tells her that he can’t forgive Sonny and pretend things are okay, but he will come to her wedding. Carly asks what happened to change his mind. He tells her that he wants to be there for Morgan, who is worried he’s a disappointment to them. Michael tells her everything that happened the night before with Morgan. Carly worries as Morgan never came home, so she calls Sonny and learns that Morgan is with him. Sonny tells her that he’ll see her soon. Michael tells his mother that he’s not just going to the wedding for Morgan, but for her too. Michael leaves to get ready, and Carly begins to get dressed as well.

At the PCPD, Jordan asks Dante to focus on the guy they busted for hijacking Sonny’s shipments, who is back on the streets. They discuss the case, and how Ric seems to be in bed with Lomax. Dante assures her that he can separate his family from work. He leaves to get ready for the wedding, and Anna arrives. After hugs, Anna asks for her help with Sloane.

In a warehouse, Charlie, the guy hijacking Sonny’s shipments, is holding TJ captive. TJ believes he’s working for Julian, though Charlie never confirms that. Charlie gets a call from his boss with the next part of the plan. Charlie orders TJ to make a call at gunpoint.

Back at Sonny’s place, TJ calls Sonny and says they have a problem. He explains that men have kidnapped him and they want him to come to a warehouse alone. Sonny says he is on his way. After he leaves, Dante and Michael show up, and Morgan explains their dad left to take care of something.

Back at Wyndemere, Sam receives a text from Anna, and throws the fact that she knows about his election tampering in Nikolas’ face. She orders him to give ELQ back to Michael, or he will go to prison. Nikolas thinks they have nothing on him. Sloane walks in and Sam presents their evidence.

Sonny arrives at the warehouse to meet Charlie.

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Sam tells Nikolas to give ELQ back or go to jail.

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Carly tells Maxie not to let Sonny know about the flowers from Jake.

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