At Kelly’s, TJ calls Molly and tells her he’s in way over his head. Molly arrives and TJ tells her Mr. Corinthos’ wedding day is ruined because of him. Molly laughs that Sonny won’t kill him because he messed up the wedding cake…Maxie on the other hand might. They work together to make another cake. Part of it ends up in the trash but they still have two layers. When it’s done, she kisses him and leaves for orientation. TJ exits, carrying the cake and is grabbed from behind by two masked men. The cake falls to the ground.

At home in bed, Michael has a bad dream about when he disowned Sonny and awakens. Sabrina questions him. He doesn’t see how he can go to the wedding. Sabrina says it’s not just about Sonny – he can go for his mother. Michael says Morgan is the only thing that might change his mind. He tells Sabrina about Morgan and Kiki’s break up. They talk about the possibility that Morgan is bi-polar. Michael regrets telling him Kiki would keep him stable. He worries he should be at the wedding for Morgan. Sabrina will accompany him if he decides to go. Michael kisses her and they make love.

At Carly’s place, she is on the phone with Sonny and opens the door to Jake. Sonny lets her go to finish his vows. Jake wonders why she didn’t tell Sonny he was there. Carly admits he’s not Sonny’s favorite person. Carly opens up to Jake about Morgan possibly being bi-polar. She says Sonny is bi-polar, but has it under control with medication – he got treatment when she and Jason forced the issue. She credits Jason for finally getting through to him, and wishes he were there to get through to Morgan. They think maybe he’ll listen to Michael. Jake leaves.

At Sonny’s place, Morgan shows up drunk and laughs about playing poker. He tells Sonny that Kiki set him free. Morgan says she found out about Ava from Franco. He cries that he broke Kiki’s heart and it’s Sonny’s fault. He’s bi-polar and a loser. Sonny protests. Morgan complains that everything is so much easier for Michael. Sonny says he has felt his pain, and his family got him through it; Jason and Carly. He will stick by Morgan and will love him whether he gets treatment or not. They embrace. Sonny says they’ll do the wedding as a family and he’ll take him to the doctor tomorrow if he agrees. Morgan says he’ll go.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Hayden discuss the outcome of Silas’ murder case. Spencer appears in fancy duds for the first day of school. Spencer charms Hayden and goes on about what can and cannot be worn after Labor Day. Nikolas thinks it’s a tad formal. Spencer talks about showing Emma he’s changed. Nikolas is dubious. Hayden hopes he wins back Emma. Spencer brings up witnessing them kissing. Nik clarifies that they’re not a couple. Spencer leaves. Hayden is sorry she can’t remember the kiss he witnessed. Nik decides to stay home with her for the day. They wind up in close proximity and she flashes to kissing him previously.

At Patrick’s house, Sam and Patrick get Emma ready for the first day of school. The doorbell rings – it’s Anna. Emma embraces her and complains she has to go to school. Anna placates her with a teddy bear playing bagpipes to remind her of Uncle Duke. Sam takes Emma to dress, and Patrick and Anna discuss Emma and Sam. They agree Robin’s work is the most important thing to her, so it’s good Emma has Sam. After, Patrick takes Emma to school and Sam asks Anna if it’s awkward for her to be living there. Anna reassures her. They chat and Anna says she took time away from the bureau. Sam offers some P.I. work and tells her about Michael’s ELQ case. She needs more evidence against Nikolas. Anna might be able to help. She imparts some information related to Sloane. Sam asks if she could see him and get it on record. Anna will arrange a meeting and text her later. Once alone, Sam calls Jake. Soon, he arrives. She tells him they have a break in the case thanks to Anna Devane.

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