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Maxie and Carly return to Carly’s place after a shopping spree for Carly’s wedding and honeymoon. Valerie walks in on them and apologizes for intruding. She informs Carly that Bobbie told her to crash here and thought Carly knew. Carly didn’t, but tells her it’s no trouble and she has plenty of space. Carly heads out and Maxie stays behind to work on picking Carly’s jewelry out for the ceremony. Valerie helps her, and the two grow closer as they discuss losing family members who they were close to. They decide to become friends, which Maxie feels Lulu will be happy about.

At the hospital, Brad explains to Lucas that he and Rosalie have to stay married so that they don’t have to testify against one another in court. Brad can’t explain what is going on, and Rosalie says if they told him then Lucas would be legally bound to report what he knows and testify. Brad also warns him that the information could put Lucas in danger. Brad begs Lucas to tell him it’s not over between them. Lucas admits he still loves him, and they kiss. Lucas agrees to keep this secret for now, but says they have to work on getting him out from under it so they can be married.

Dillon arrives at Lulu’s place as she forgot they were meeting on The Haunted Star. After going over some contracts the two discuss their past, and both their futures. Lulu pushes him to start getting serious with Valerie, but Dillon isn’t in a rush. Lulu says she just wants everyone happy and in love with the right person. Dillon replies, "me too."

TJ returns home to Sonny’s place where Sonny tells him about his mom coming by. This upsets TJ, who plans to let his mom know she’s just pushing him away. Sonny explains that he and Carly know what Jordan is feeling, and he also pushed his mother away once and has regretted it ever since. He wants TJ to work on forgiving his mother. TJ leaves and Carly arrives home with some of her shopping purchases. He asks about the dress, but she tells him he won’t be seeing that till the wedding day. They discuss when to get married and settle on a date in two weeks.

At the PCPD, Dante, Nathan and Jordan grill Charlie, the partner of the man who was just killed. He agrees to talk. Later TJ arrives to see his mother and lets her know that Sonny isn’t trying to drive them apart and that he wants them to work things out. TJ isn’t sure he can forgive his mom for what she did to Shawn, but he knows what she did was to make the city a better place and he is proud of her. Jordan knows she made mistakes and she’s trying to make things right. She asks TJ to come home, but he refuses for now.

Olivia shows up at Julian’s place and is surprised to see Alexis there. Alexis explains they worked things out, and Julian tells Olivia that he’s left the business. Olivia wonders if he’s being honest. He tells her that losing their child changed him, and he didn’t want to lose any more family members to a war with Sonny. Olivia tells Julian that she wanted to let him know the name she picked out for their son, which is Leonardo. Later, Dante and Nathan arrive to arrest Julian, as his Charlie named him as the one behind the hits on Sonny’s organization. Julian swears to Alexis that he’s innocent as he’s dragged away. Alexis corners Olivia about what she was really going to tell Julian, as she’s not buying it was just the name of the baby. Olivia says she was going to apologize to him for not telling him the truth from the start, but she sees he’s still a liar.

TJ returns to Sonny’s place and tells him about his talk with his mom. He also lets him know that he heard that Julian has been named as the guy behind the hits on his business.

Back at the PCPD, Julian is brought in and tells Jordan that he won’t be speaking without his lawyer present.

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