Luke returns to the old Spencer house and pulls out a gun, which he points at his chest. Suddenly his father’s ghost appears and tells him to get it over with and join him in hell. Patricia’s ghost runs down the steps and tells Luke not to do it, as their father holds no power over them any longer. Tim warns Luke that he’ll never be rid of him, and then he stumbles out the front door. Patricia tells Luke that their father is wrong, and if he kills himself then everything she did for him was in vain. Luke reminds her that he killed their mother, and he can’t live with that. Luke’s mother’s ghost arrives, and Patricia leaves them to talk alone. His mother tells Luke that his accepting the truth of what happened to her should be the beginning of his life, not the end. She pushes him to stand up and figure out who he is and who he wants to be without all those demons inside. Luke puts the gun down and hugs his mother, who tells him she’s so proud of him.

At Metro Court, Bobbie meets with Valerie to discuss Lucas’ wedding, as she feels he and Brad are dragging their feet. Bobbie sees something is troubling Valerie and asks about it. Valerie brings Bobbie up to date on what happened to Lucky, Lulu running off to help, and what went on between her and Dante in regards to the kiss. Bobbie lets Valerie know if she ever needs someone to talk to or to rely on that she’s here for her. Bobbie then sees a text from Michael about the old Elm Street house being torn down today.

Maxie and Lulu talk on the Haunted Star about Lulu and Dante’s issues. After being filled in, Maxie says she knew she was right about Valerie all along, but Lulu says it was Dante who initiated the kiss. Maxie still refuses to believe Valerie is blameless, but Lulu feels she is partly to blame for all of this with her lies. Maxie feels she should have stopped things and remembers finding them together on the fourth. Lulu recalls that Valerie left out the part of the story that Maxie and Nathan dropped by that night. However Lulu wants to just let it go, and she asks Maxie to drop it so that things can get back to how they were.

Nathan and Dante work out at the gym. Dante confesses to Nathan that he jumped to all the wrong conclusions and screwed up with Valerie. He swears Nathan to secrecy, and admits to sleeping with Valerie. Dante feels like his father, who cheats and then rationalizes it away. Nathan thinks perhaps it would help to come clean with Lulu, but Dante can’t ruin Lulu and Rocco’s life that way. Nathan promises to keep his secret. He also believes had Lulu been truthful then none of this would have happened. Later Maxie arrives at the gym and tells Nathan everything she learned from Lulu. Nathan admits that Dante, who has left, told him the same.

At the hospital, Brad tells Lucas that he can’t marry him. He swears he loves him, so Lucas asks why he doesn’t want to get married. Brad says he wants to, but he can’t. Lucas asks if this is about his parents. Brad says not directly, and he confesses that he’s already married. Lucas is stunned, and demands Brad tell him everything he’s been keeping from him. Before Brad can tell him anything, Lucas is called to the ER as emergency victims are being brought in.

Michael and Sabrina hang out at the docks near the mansion. Michael pretends to threaten to throw Sabrina in, but stops, only to have her push him in. He gets out and says it’s her turn, so she pleads that she’ll do anything to avoid getting wet. Michael kisses her, and the two make love in the dock house. They admit to one another they are falling for each other.

Back at The Haunted Star, Dante surprises Lulu with roses. He tells her that he’s committed to getting their marriage back on track, and he won’t let anyone come between them again.

Bobbie arrives at the old Spencer house and finds Luke alone. Luke tells her that he’s made a decision about the rest of his life.

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