At the Metro Court, Tracy explains everything to Sabrina about Luke's lies in order to rescue his sons, and discovering little Jake is alive. She knows Luke never stopped loving her, but she has ended things with him because he still needs to rid himself of his past demons. Tracy doesn’t know what she should do next with her life. Sabrina encourages her to find herself.

Michael arrives at The Haunted Star to talk business with Luke. Luke thinks he’s here to defend Tracy’s honor, so he explains everything to Michael about the sham with Laura. Michael is stunned to learn little Jake is alive, but explains he is here to discuss tearing down the old Spencer home. Luke tells Michael he’s done with that house, so tear it down. Michael thanks him and then he heads out. Luke walks over to the safe, opens it, and reaches inside for something.

At Wyndemere, Laura butts into Nikolas and Liz’s conversation about big Jake and starts asking questions about why he was so valuable to Helena. She thinks he must have been someone important. Liz says she has to get Jake back to the hospital for some test results, so she and her son rush out. Laura confronts Nikolas and tells him that she knows big Jake is Jason. Laura asks how her own son could keep such a secret, and to give her a reason or she will tell Jason who he is. Nikolas explains that by time he learned the truth that Liz and Jake had fallen in love. Laura reminds him that Liz isn’t Jason’s family. Nikolas points out that Jake is better for everyone, that Jason brought nothing but pain and misery to his family. He also explains if Jake learns who he is then he will lose ELQ, and Spencer’s future is at stake here. Laura is disgusted that this is about money when it should be about keeping parents and children from one another. Nikolas reminds her that she lied about him to protect her own family, that’s all he’s doing. Laura wishes she never overheard the secret.

At the hospital, Lucas has no answers for Carly about Joss’ kidney donor, but feels Brad may be of help. He notices the ring on Carly’s finger and she tells him the news. He’s happy for her, and as they talk about wedding plans, Lucas opens up about his fear that Brad is holding something back from him. Carly thinks it is just his cold feet talking. Carly has to go and leaves. In the hallway, big Jake runs into Sam, who assumes he’s here because of Hayden. He has no idea what she’s talking about, so she fills him in on Hayden’s condition seeming to improve, but remaining unchanged. Jake explains that he’s here with Carly about Joss’ kidney. He tells her that it turns out little Jake was never dead. Just then Liz walks in with her son. Sam introduces herself to the boy, who says hi and then runs straight to show big Jake a toy he just got. Sam wants the boy to meet Danny, as she doesn’t want them to miss anymore time together. Suddenly Carly arrives and sees the boy. She introduces herself with tears in her eyes, and the boy wonders why everyone cries when they see him. She tells him that they are just happy he is home. Liz and the two Jakes then leave to go find out the boy’s blood-work results. Felix and Brad have a run-in in the hospital locker room. Felix sees something is bothering Brad, so Brad reveals his secret, which the viewers don’t hear. Felix is stunned and agrees that Brad is in a huge mess. He suggests Brad tell Lucas the truth about this. Brad can’t, so he feels the only thing he can do is to call off the wedding. Later, Brad goes to see Lucas and asks that they talk. Lucas thinks he wants to finally talk about the wedding plans, but Brad shocks him and tells him that he can’t marry him.

Luke heads to the old Spencer house. He pulls out a gun and says, "When this house goes, so do I."

Michael goes to the Metro Court and meets with Sabrina. He tells her that he has Luke’s blessing to tear the house down.

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