Maxie returns to her apartment and finds Nathan has decorated the place to welcome her home from Portland. After her trip she just wants a shower, so he scoops her up and takes her there to make love. Afterwards, Maxie grills Nathan about what has happened with Lulu and Dante, but he doesn’t know much. The two then head to the bedroom to make love again.

Lulu and Valerie argue about what happened at the PCPD. Lulu tells her cousin that Dante told her everything, but she wants to hear it from Valerie. Valerie tells her that Dante was furious when he found out she was in Canada with Dillon, and she tried to calm him down which is when the kiss happened. Lulu asks if Valerie kissed him back. Valerie says the kiss stopped as soon as it started and she left right after. Valerie apologizes for the kiss and says she never intended for it to happen. She swears she’s not into Dante nor is she a threat to her marriage. Valerie asks if they can get through this. Meanwhile in Jordan’s office, Jordan orders Dante to pick up his father and bring him in. Dante warns her that she won’t accomplish anything by ruffling his feathers, and suggests she go through the evidence she has to build a case against him. Jordan switches the subject to what has happened between him and Valerie. Dante assures her they’ve talked and Valerie is okay, but Jordan isn’t so sure. She warns Dante about fraternizing with co-workers and if anything else happens that there will be consequences. Later, Lulu meets up with Dante and tells him that she and Valerie have worked through what happened and they are all moving forward.

At the Corinthos’ compound, Sonny tells TJ that he need not worry about his safety here just as Julian arrives to see Sonny. TJ leaves them to talk. Julian swears to Sonny that he didn’t make a move on his shipment. Sonny doesn’t believe him and thinks Julian is protesting too much. Julian assures him that he’s out of the mob, and the death of Olivia’s child is what turned him around. Sonny asks if it wasn’t Julian then who hijacked his shipment. Julian tells him there is no shortage of people who would want to take his place. Sonny warns Julian that he better not be lying about this. After Julian leaves, Sonny works to keep his next shipment safe.

At the Metro Court, Sam questions her mother about the hit on Sonny’s organization and Julian’s involvement. Alexis believes that Julian has cleaned up his act, so Sam agrees to try and have faith in her father. Julian later joins them as they are discussing Nikolas and how they all believed in him, yet he was lying to everyone.

Luke and Tracy meet at The Haunted Star. He apologizes to her for not telling her the truth, and she forgives him. Luke still has the engagement ring and would like to get back to where they were and asks her to marry him. Tracy tells him that she forgives him, but she can’t marry him. She explains that this past year has been hell for her what with him and ELQ, and when Paul showed up she found herself laughing and having fun for a change. Tracy says that she needs to just be herself for a while, and he has to recover from all that he went through. She feels he only wants to marry her so he can feel like the old Luke, but he still needs to make peace with his history. He thinks that if he does what she asks then there can be hope for them, but she tells him they can’t have a life together. She feels that he needs to find his way without her. Luke realizes she is right. Tracy and Luke hug and profess to love one another forever.

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