At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy is still angry about Luke's lies. Dillon defends him and how hard it was for Luke to keep the truth from her. Paul comes in with pancakes. Tracy's impressed that he had the skill to make them. Their son finds all of this beyond weird. His father explains that he's there to make amends with his son, not get back together with Tracy. Dillon defends Luke again and accuses his mom of being childish. Later, Paul asks his son out to lunch. Dillon says it will have to wait and advises him to stay out of Tracy's relationship with Luke.

Dante calls Lulu and they arrange to have dinner later. Lulu greets her father at the Haunted Star. He explains that he caught Tracy in bed with Paul. She fills him in on everything that happened with Dante. She wants to put the one kiss behind her but it's hard. It's time for her to probe Valerie about everything that really went down. After she leaves, Tracy comes in.

At the PCPD, Dante gets off the line when he bumps into Valerie. They head into the interrogation room and rehash putting what happened behind them. He warns that his wife might come after her and hopes that Valerie will forgive him for this mess. She assures him that everything will be fine. Once he leaves, she tells herself to get over this. When she turns around, Lulu arrives in the station.

Jake pays Carly a visit at the Corinthos compound. He tells her about little Jake being alive. She's shocked. "It's so unfair that Jason isn't here," she says. Eventually, she realizes that her daughter didn't get a kidney from the little boy and freaks out. Jake reassures her about what a good mom she is. They decide to go to the hospital for some answers.

Liz brings Jake to the hospital to meet Patrick for his check-up. The doctor is shocked to see him. When the kid steps away, Liz vaguely explains. He knows the feeling of the dead coming back. Patrick has hated himself for letting her down and he's sorry for the loss she went through. She requests a check-up. They head down the hall to an exam room. After the doctor looks him over, he and Liz step into the hall. He tells her that the child is healthy. Patrick reminds her that she needs to tell Sam about all of this and wonders how she feels about Jason's widow being involved in the kid's life. The nurse doesn't have a problem with that but needs a little time. She and the child leave. Jake and Carly arrive moments later to get answers about the mystery kidney.

Laura drops by Wyndemere and gushes about Spencer. Nikolas tips her off about Lucky leaving. She wishes he'd stay around to raise his sons. Nikolas is sure that his brother believes little Jake is in good hands. The prince is glad that the Luke and Laura reunion was all a ruse. He asks if she has someone special in her life. She's still looking. Laura wonders if moving in there would cramp his style. Her son insists that she stay as long as she wants. Liz and little Jake arrive. When Laura takes him away for cookies, Nikolas informs Liz that Lucky is gone. She's not surprised. As he explains that Lucky knows Jake is really Jason, Laura overhears them from the doorway.

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