At the Corinthos compound, Carly admires her ring. Sonny wonders if she's having doubts. She's not. They're thankful for everything, but he worries about turning down Michael's requests. They go back to talking about why they always wind up together. She lists his faults and his charms. They drink and dance. Suddenly, Max rushes in with Vito, who has been shot. "Boss! We've been hit!" he shouts. As Carly dresses the wound, Max tells his boss that their shipment was hijacked by some pros. He couldn't tell what family they were from. Sonny calls Ric to fill him in. When Carly joins him, he says there will be hell to pay if the Jeromes were involved.

Morgan and Ava/Denise make out on her brother's couch while Kiki approaches the door. Before she can knock, Michael calls to tell her that Sonny wouldn't budge regarding Denise seeing the baby. She starts knocking. Franco pops up, explaining that he's there to see "Av-er... Denise". She fills him in about the bad news. He offers to break it to Denise. Back inside, Denise and Morgan have been romping in bed. After sex, he notices her tattoo and then talks about how right things feel between them. Franco bangs on the door until she answers it. He barges in. Morgan remains in the bedroom. Ava tells Franco that her brother and Alexis are in the bedroom. He's disgusted. After he gives her Kiki's message, he explains that he tried and failed to get the recording. She tells him to try harder if he wants Nina back and chases him out. Morgan appears. She tells him that Sonny refused Michael's request. She beats herself up for sleeping with Kiki's boyfriend. He gets a text from her and leaves.

Michael finds Sabrina sunning herself on the patio at the Quartermaine estate. He tells her about the upcoming wedding and his mixed feelings about it. They toast to the fifth time being a charm. She explains that she's continued working on the clinic. The hospital board has approved funding for it and they still want him to run it. He's thrilled.

At the Metro Court, Julian suggests to Alexis that they get a room for afternoon sex. They get a room and the role-playing begins. She's Ms. Robertson and he's Tristan the bellboy. She says he got her order wrong and needs to make it up to her. The lawyer orders him to doff his top and asks him to help her blow off some steam. After sex, they put on the TV and see a report about the attack on Sonny's warehouse. He assures her that he is finished with the mob. She believes him. As they exit, they make out in the hall. Franco spots them and wonders why Ava lied to him.

Ric tries to convince Madeline to leave his suite before Nina gets back. As they head to the door, Nina arrives. She's not happy to see her mom and assumes that Franco must have been right. Ric claims he's not her mother's lawyer. Maddy accuses Ric of being after Nina's money. That puts Nina on the defensive. When her mother mentions that Ric is in control of her finances, Nina wonders how she knew that. As she probes, Ric plays the recording of the baby's cries again. His wife starts freaking out. Maddy makes a show of concern and then exits. Nina worries that her conscience is telling her that she kidnapped the baby. Ric comforts her. When she heads to her room for a nap, Ric slips outside and assures Madeline that there will only be a few more months of this and then they will be very wealthy people.

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