Luke, Laura and Lucky discover Jake on Cassadine Island. Luke says that Helena claims he’s been here the whole time with a governess. They wonder if Nikolas knew, but Laura is sure he wouldn’t have kept this a secret. Luke explains that he really did hit Jake that night, and Helena was in town messing with Aiden’s paternity tests when she decided to have Jake taken. Lucky tells his parents that he had to go along with Frank’s kidnapping plan because he knew there was a chance that Jake was alive. Laura and Jake go off to talk, as she preps him for the changes that are about to happen. Meanwhile, Lucky and Luke have a long talk about their lives and the choices they’ve made. Luke tells Lucky that he was never happier than when he was with Laura and raising him. Laura returns with Jake and says she’s explained to him how they are all going to Port Charles together. Lucky tells him that he has aunts, uncles, brothers and even a mom there. Jake says he doesn’t have a mom, but Lucky tells him that he does.

At Liz’s place, Liz tells Jake about going with Carly for Joss’ test results. She’s glad that Joss will live a long life thanks to her baby Jake. Liz tells Jake the story about her son’s death and how his organs saved Joss, which was Jason’s idea. She regrets how she treated Jason that night, as he put his pain over Jake aside to save another child. Jake tells her if Jason was here that he’d tell her she has nothing to feel sorry about. Liz says that’s not true, and says she has something to tell him. She chickens out though and tells him that she loves him, and he returns the sentiment. He tells her not to be afraid to be happy as good things are coming. Jake has things to do and leaves. Later Luke, Lucky and little Jake arrive outside of Liz’s. Lucky is nervous about telling her about their son. Lucky knocks on the door while Luke and Jake wait behind.

Dante arrives at the PCPD and runs into Valerie. He lets her know he talked to Lulu, and he was wrong about the affair. He explains the truth to her, and says what happened between them can never happen again. He also asks her to keep what happened a secret. She agrees and says it’s not as if anything could happen between them. Later Valerie tells herself that she has to let Dante go, as he wasn’t hers to begin with.

Carly drops Rocco off at Lulu’s place, and the two discuss what happened between her and Dillon. Lulu sets Carly straight, and tells her to give Sonny the true story too. Lulu says she and Dante had a talk and she knows all that went on here. Carly is surprised Dante told her what happened with Valerie. Shocked, Lulu asks what about Valerie. Carly tells her that Dante told Sonny that he kissed Valerie. Lulu is devastated, and as Carly tries to reassure her that Dante loves her, he walks in. Carly quickly heads out, and Lulu tells Dante that she knows all about him and Valerie.

Outside of Kelly’s, Sam runs into Nikolas and scolds him for what he’s done to ELQ. Nikolas asks if that is why she was poking around his house. She claims she doesn’t give up on family easily. He says that might explain why she was there, but what about Jake. She claims he just ran into her at the docks and asked if he could tag along. Sam switches the subject and asks what is going on between him and Hayden. Nikolas tells her that she is an old acquaintance, and he has no idea why she posed as Jake’s wife. Sam still feels things don’t add up, as why would he take Hayden in after her lies were exposed. He says he wasn’t going to kick her while she was down, and he was about to send her on her way. Sam finds it convenient that he never had to as Hayden was shot. Nikolas wonders why she cares about Hayden so much. Sam claims that Hayden matters to Jake, and Jake is her friend. She tells Nikolas to let her know if he thinks of anything that might be of importance about Hayden, and then she walks off.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica welcomes Dillon home and they catch up. Dillon fills her in on what really happened between Luke and Laura, and says that his mom deserves the truth. Dillon hopes she doesn’t mind if he stays here for a while, which she doesn’t. She says this place was once filled with Quartermaines, but now there are so few of them left. Later, Jake shows up at the door and Monica answers it.

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Dante asks Lulu if she can forgive him.

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