As Luke makes a toast to Tracy at the Haunted Star, everyone is shocked to see Laura walk in. Luke wonders what she's doing there. Tracy would like to know too. "I'm here for Luke," Laura says. Tracy goes on the defensive. She doesn't want another 'regurgitation' of the Laura saga. Laura tells Luke that he needs to hear her out. Tracy's mouth hangs open until she lectures the other woman for not coming back to Luke when he needed her. Laura pleads. Luke tells Tracy he has to do her the courtesy and listen. He assures her it will only take a moment. Luke and Laura head for a back room. Brad tells Lucas this is why he doesn't want a fuss over his wedding. One of their exes could ruin it all. Lucas questions him about his family. Bobbie complains about Luke never sending Laura packing. Meanwhile, Tracy admits to Dillon, "To her credit, no one does a better damsel in distress." Lulu assures them that there must be some sort of emergency. Tracy gets tired of waiting. Luke and Laura emerge. He announces that he can't go through with the engagement.

Anna is at the airport preparing to leave for Scotland when Sloane arrives. She explains where she's going. She might be back in a few months. He wonders if this is because of what happened between them. "It was a mistake but not the end of the world," he says. Anna admits it's part of the reason she wants to leave. But mostly it's because she's a murderer and they covered it up. That means Duke will never get justice. Sloane reminds her that they are in this together. He wants to help, he wants to be her friend. Anna needs to be alone. She's lost and needs to find her way again. Relying on other people isn't her. If they are ever going to have a friendship or something more, she needs to learn to handle things on her own. He makes her promise to come home. She leaves for the plane.

Ava/Denise shows up at the Quartermaine estate. Michael and the baby answer the door. Ava introduces herself as Denise and spins him the story about being Ava's twin. She wants to spend some time with her niece and begins babbling about what kind of life the kid has had. With some prodding, he lets her hold the baby. When he leaves them alone for a minute, she tells the baby she's her mama. Michael returns to announce it's past the child's bedtime. Denise offers to help but he already has a nanny for that. After she leaves, he and Sabrina put AJ to sleep. He fills her in about his visitor. "It's like she didn't want to let AJ go," he says.

Kiki and Morgan drop by the penthouse to see Denise. They learn from the guard that she's gone and contemplate what Denise and Julian have been talking about. She tries calling her. It turns out Denise left the phone there. He suggests the fool around while they wait but she decides to go looking for her aunt. He stays to wait. Denise arrives in tears. She explains that she just saw the baby. Morgan gives her a hug and tells her how weird this is. "Holding you in my arms, it's like I'm holding Ava," he says. They kiss.

Nina heads into the Floating Rib for a drink. Silas is there. She tells him about Franco and Nathan trying to frame her. He listens as she explains her marriage to Ric. "Do you even know him?" he asks. He gets uncomfortable as she goes on about Franco accusing her of kidnapping. The doctor apologizes for any part he played in this. They rehash their past and everything that happened with Ava. Kiki walks in. She snubs Nina and starts babbling about Denise.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nina and Franco have another argument.

Nikolas plots with Rosalie on how to use Lulu.

Nathan admits to Maxie that he's worried about Nina.

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