In the garage at the Metro Court, Duke and Carlos struggle over the gun, which goes off. Fifteen minutes later Jake comes across the gun on the ground and a splatter of blood. In her room, Anna and Sloane argue over her future with Duke and their plans to run off together. She asks why he cares and he says maybe he will miss her. Anna wishes him luck with her old job and gets ready to leave, but is stopped by a phone call. On the stage in the now empty ballroom, Maxie and Nathan dance and kiss. Spinelli and Ellie went back to Maxie’s place, so they decide to go to Nathan’s place. Outside of the ballroom, Olivia goes into labor and Patrick says she’s going to have to deliver the baby here. Julian ends up stressing Olivia out and she tells him to leave. After much arguing Julian agrees to leave, but vows to be a part of the baby’s life. Alexis and Julian wait in the other room listening to Olivia scream as she gives birth. Julian doesn’t think this is fair, so Alexis tells him to think about it as a throwback to the old days when men had to wait in the waiting room. Olivia gives birth to a baby boy, but she soon realizes the baby isn’t crying and asks what is wrong. Julian rushes in and he also asks Patrick what is wrong with the baby. Back in the garage, Nathan and Maxie walk in as is Jake looking at the gun and blood. A loud gunshot sound goes off. Jake grabs the gun, while Nathan draws his, and they end up facing one another. Jake quickly puts his hands in the air and says he will cooperate. Nathan cuffs Jake and calls in for backup while Maxie tries to get answers from him. Jake says the gun isn’t his and he didn’t even fire it. He explains that he just arrived and found the scene, heard a noise, grabbed the gun and moved to a secure position. Maxie admits that she and Nathan heard the noise too. Later the cops arrive and Nathan fills them in on what he knows so far. Nathan has Jake brought in for questioning.

Shawn leaves his and Jordan’s place and right after Bruce sneaks in and fires a gun into their bed. He pulls back the sheets to see the bed empty. Jordan surprises him from behind. Bruce tries to explain, but Jordan shoots him multiple times. Jordan calls Anna to let her know what she did, and she suggests she and Sloane both get to her place. The two later arrive and are filled in on what happened to Bruce. Sloane feels this is proof that Duke ordered the hit on Jordan, but Anna won’t believe it. Sloane asks Anna where she was supposed to meet Duke as he has to bring Duke in for this. Anna refuses to tell Sloane and she runs off. Sloane is forced to put out an APB for Duke and Anna.

Michael sees Sabrina back to her apartment and gives her a kiss. They head inside to discuss where they go from here. Sabrina doesn’t want things to get awkward what with her working for him. She also wonders if he still has feelings for Kiki. Michael admits he will always have feelings for her, but she is part of his past just like Patrick and Carlos are a part of hers. He asks her if she’d like to try for a second date, and she agrees, as long as they can take things slow. Later after Michael is gone, Carlos shows up at Sabrina’s door begging for her help.

Shawn is shocked to run into TJ late at night on the docks. TJ says he was just taking a walk between studying. He asks Shawn why he is here, and Shawn tells him that he was called to do a job, though it appears there is no job to do. TJ jokes that it's probably not to pick up coffee beans. The two talk for a bit before Shawn decides to see TJ back to his dorm. Later Anna arrives at the docks looking for Duke. Moments later he stumbles out and falls over from a gunshot wound he's taken.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia and her child are brought into General Hospital.

Nathan asks Jake what he’s not telling him.

Tracy notices that Michael and Sabrina are getting closer.

Shawn asks Jordan who tried to kill her.

Carlos tells Sabrina that he’s in trouble.

Anna asks Duke who did this to him.

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