Dante finds a bomb strapped to the skeleton in the basement of the Spencer house. He stumbles up the steps and screams for help, but the door is locked and he’s still weak. He searches for his phone and after finding it tries to call Lulu.

On The Haunted Star, Fluke calls everyone’s attention as he congratulates Michael and Lucas on their new business venture. Fluke rambles on for a while about his imposter before turning the room over to Michael. As Michael is speaking, Maxie convinces Lulu to go find Dante, who hasn’t been answering his phone. Lulu realizes she’s misplaced her phone, which Fluke finds when it rings. Fluke and Dante bicker and Fluke tells Dante that he should focus on the bomb about to blow there and to know there is also one on The Haunted Star. Meanwhile Michael suggests everyone raise their glasses to Luke. They do and all eyes are on Luke, who is still bickering with Dante on the phone. Lulu asks her father if he’s on her phone. Fluke says its Dante, who is saying horrible things, so he yells at him for not having his priorities straight and then he slams the phone down breaking it. Lulu is shocked. Fluke apologizes to everyone and says he needs to collect himself, so he leaves.

On the docks, Helena has her men seize Nikolas to keep him from boarding the boat. The two argue and Helena finally tells Nikolas that the boat is about to go up in smoke with everyone onboard. Nikolas is furious as his sister and his date are on the boat, but Helena says neither is a Cassadine. Eventually the men knock him out and Helena orders them to take him home. Later Fluke joins Helena on the pier to watch the fireworks.

At the PCPD, Sam questions Jake about her stolen phoenix. Jake doesn’t understand why he’d break into her place and steal a worthless artifact, but Sam says it is worth something to her and was worth something to Jason. She explains the history of the trinkets. Sam asks him if he’s going to deny stealing it or helping Faison escape, but Jake says no. He says he has no memory of doing anything, but he does have flashes of events. Jake believes that for some reason someone has forced him to commit these crimes. Sam tells him that he’s insane and to stay away from her. Suddenly Jake is overcome with more memory flashes of his past with Sam. Meanwhile, Nathan has Jordan brought in and he asks her what she knows about Sonny’s escape from prison. Jordan knows nothing about the escape. As they talk, Jordan realizes Nathan doesn't know what has been going on with Bill’s grave or the fake Luke. Jordan fills him in on Dante planning to go to the Spencer house to find Luke. Nathan realizes he needs to go find Dante, who isn’t answering his phone.

Near Port Charles, Julian loses control of the van and it runs off the road and crashes. Everyone is knocked out, but one by one begin to stir. Johnny and Carlos pull up behind the van to investigate with their guns drawn and a shootout commences. Carlos catches Franco and Ava, but lets Franco go as their boss has no issues with him. Ava manages to knock Carlos against the van and runs for it, however he is able to corner her on a bridge. Meanwhile Johnny is able to get the upper hand on Sonny and Julian.

At Shadybrook, Heather tells Nina that she wants revenge on Franco and she plans to use Nina to get it. Nina tries to convince Heather that she and Franco aren’t that close, but Heather gets tired of listening to her and slams her against the wall. Heather pulls out a syringe that she’s loaded with an overdose of LSD and tells Nina to come to mama and take her meds. Suddenly Franco bursts in and tells Heather to back off.

Back at the Spencer house, Fluke hangs up the phone on Dante. The bomb ticks down with only minutes left. Nathan shows up and breaks into the basement and rescues Dante, who tells him to run.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Heather holds the syringe to Nina’s neck and tells Franco that he has perfect timing.

Sam asks Jake what he’s talking about.

Lulu and Maxie realize something bad is going on.

Tracy tells Bobbie that she wants to know what is up with Luke.

Helena tells Fluke that nobody understands him the way she does.

Ava tells Carlos that he can’t kill her.

Johnny tells Julian and Sonny that he’ll see them both in hell.

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