Sam and Patrick arrive at the PCPD to file a report on Jake and run into Carly. Carly apologizes to Sam and says she was right about Jake being the gunman. She explains what she found in Jake’s bag and how Nathan is arresting Jake at this very moment.

At The Haunted Star, Nathan arrests Jake in front of many of the partygoers who arrived early. Lulu and Maxie discuss how something about this doesn’t add up and Michael agrees. Jake swears to Nathan that he has no memory of committing any of the crimes he’s accused of.

On the docks, Helena tells Fluke that soldier boy has planted the bomb on the boat. Fluke and Helena hide as Nathan walks by with Jake in cuffs. Fluke fears this will wreck his plans, but Helena says he won’t remember anything and the bomb will still go off. Fluke says he needs to go put in an appearance on the boat and suggests Helena leave before she’s seen. Fluke takes off and as Helena leaves she spots Nicholas heading to the boat with Ivy. When she learns they are headed to the Haunted Star, Helena tries to keep Nikolas from going to the party. Nicholas sends Ivy ahead as he argues with Helena. When Nikolas insists on going, Helena calls out some thugs to stop him.

At the Spencer house, Dante is out cold in the basement, but eventually stirs awake. He comes too and sees a fuzzy image of someone in an orange jump suit sitting in a chair.

Ava, Franco, Julian and Sonny are in a van on their way back to Port Charles. As Nina and Franco argue with one another, Julian tries to call Lucas to warn him about Fluke’s plan.

At Sunnybrook, Nina wonders why she hasn’t heard from Franco lately. Heather tells her that’s her fault, that both their phone privileges have been suspended after she was caught talking to Franco. Heather reveals the truth to Nina, that she is Heather Webber and Franco is her son.

Back at The Haunted Star, Johnny arrives and Maxie and Lulu fill him in on Jake’s arrest. Sabrina arrives to the party with Carlos and introduces him to Michael. Michael apologizes for what Sonny did to Carlos, and he says he’s happy that Sabrina will be working at the clinic. Fluke eventually arrives and has to calm Tracy down, as she was worried about him. He says he had some things to do at the old homestead and that he ran into Dante. Fluke tells Lulu that Dante won’t be coming, as he didn’t want his issues with Johnny to cause a problem tonight. Lulu is livid and tries calling Dante, but only gets his voicemail. Later Bobbie arrives on the arms of Brad and Lucas. Lucas soon gets a call from Julian and tells his dad where he is. As Julian is trying to warn him about Fluke, their call breaks up. Fluke soon warns Johnny that he’s learned that Jerome and the others busted out. Johnny knows they have his phone, which he can track through an app. Later Maxie tells Lulu that she just saw Johnny and Carlos tear out of the party.

As Sam, Patrick and Carly talk about Jake at the PCPD, Nathan brings him in in handcuffs. Carly confronts Jake and tells him that Kevin says he never met with Jake. Jake has a memory flash of going into the office and seeing Helena sitting there. He’s about to tell them when another officer interrupts to tell Nathan that the van transporting Madeline was hijacked. Jake swears to Carly that he never lied to her, and he knows she was only trying to help him. He’s taken off to a holding room. Sam asks Patrick to go ahead to the party without her, as she still needs answers. He knows not to argue and abides by her wishes. Sam goes in to see Jake and says she has questions about her phoenix.

Back in the van, Julian’s phone dies before he can warn Lucas about Fluke. Sonny says they need to get to the boat, but Franco insists they go see Nina. Sonny refuses, and Julian notices someone is tailing them. As Julian tries to shake the car he loses control of the van.

Back at the Spencer house, Dante’s phone chirps with Lulu’s voicemail, but he ignores it. He calls out to Luke, who is motionless and doesn’t answer. Dante manages to crawl over to Luke, only to find a dried up corpse dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a bomb in its lap.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam demands to know why Jake broke into her apartment.

Lulu worries that she’s still not heard from Dante.

In the basement, Dante screams for help.

Fluke suggests to Tracy and Bobbie that they get the show on the road.

Nathan asks Jordan what she knows about Sonny’s escape.

Heather tells Nina that she wishes Franco were dead.

Everyone in the crashed van is knocked out cold.

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