Ava and Madeline are led outside of Pentonville to the police van. Ava freaks out when she sees the mustachioed driver is the guard who tried to kill her. She starts banging on the prison door as Madeline is taken to the van. The guard explains to Ava how he is going to cover up her demise. Sonny, Franco and Julian show up in cop uniforms and knock the cops out. Ava's nervous. Maddy is not happy. She refuses to add to her sentence. They leave her behind as some cops rush out. They drive off.

At Brad's, Lucas has to push him off so they can get dressed for the party. Lucas notices his jacket is wrinkled. Brad offers to iron it and asks him to move in. He nervously tells him all the advantages there would be and then admits he loves him. Before Lucas can respond, Drake and Sam arrive. Lucas rushes off to dress. Sam spots her missing gewgaw on Brad's shelf and demands to know where he got it. Lucas comes out and says he gave it to him. He found it on the docks where Jake was found. Sam realizes that Jake must have broken into her apartment.

On the pier, Jake knocks out the caterer carting booze to the party.

Michael escorts Tracy into the Haunted Star. Lulu and Maxie are there, wondering where Dante is. Michael thanks Tracy for her help making tonight possible. He has to work to convince her that he's being sincere. They talk about Bill, how bitter he was and how he died. She gets nervous when she receives no response from Luke. Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie talk about the latest argument with Dante. Lulu doesn't want to sell the Star but Maxie can see why Dante is suspicious of Johnny. Jake arrives with the booze and Lulu welcomes him aboard. He heads into the kitchen and plants a bomb. Once that's done, he calls Helena to tell her and gets a bit woozy.

At the station, Carly shows up looking for Dante. He's not there so Nathan offers to help. She's worried about Jake and unpacks his issues. She suspects that Jake is not in control of himself and hands him a bag of evidence. He has the gun sent for tests as Carly talks about Jake's blackouts and memory lapses. Confirmation comes in that it was the gun used to shoot the cop. Nathan calls for a warrant. He gets a call from Maxie, worrying about where he is. When she mentions that Jake is at the Star, the cop says he'll be there right away.

At the house, Fluke hurls Dante down the basement steps. He makes some ominous remarks and then ungags Luke, who begs him to let his son-in-law go. Fluke waves a gun at the unconscious cop and gloats. When he mentions Bill's empty grave, Luke prompts him to confess his identity. Fluke doesn't give an answer and reminds him that he has other things to worry about... like the Star exploding with all of his loved ones on board. He taunts him some more and Luke curses him as he strolls out, returning a minute later in a tuxedo. Picking up a crowbar, he clobbers Dante with it. Fluke pulls out a bomb. The one at the Star is already running. He plants the second on Luke's lap.

Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star and promptly arrests Jake.

Friday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nina figures out that she is in danger.

Dante discovers something about Luke.

The party gets started.

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