At the hospital, Brad gives Patrick the test results on Jake. Before Patrick can read the results, Sam shows up to invite Patrick to the party at The Haunted Star. He accepts, and the two end up talking about her missing phoenix. He suggests she ask Lucas, maybe he was in her place and knows something about it. Sam says that’s a good idea. In Kevin’s office, Carly and Kevin (temporarily played by Tony Stark) wonder where Jake has gone. Carly questions Kevin about his last session with Jake, but Kevin tells her that he never met with Jake. She is confused as Jake swore he met with him. She confides in Kevin that Jake is worried he may have done something criminal and she fears that he may actually be guilty. Carly believes Jake is a good guy, but she says it’s almost as if he’s not in control of his own actions. She feels that Jake would want to be stopped and that she has to turn him in.

At the cemetery, Helena asks Jake why Sam and Patrick are still alive. Jake tells her that a young woman, who turned out to be a hallucination, stopped him. Helena realizes it was Robin and she tells him that she’s of no importance to him or anyone. Jake also says when he went upstairs that he had memories of a canister that contained two rings, and other memories of two figurines. Jake says he took one of the figures with him, but he lost it somewhere. Helena realizes she made a mistake giving him this mission and orders him to forget everything about it. She instructs him on a new mission, one that the audience is not privy to. Jake says this mission involves his friends Elizabeth and Carly and he ends up with a headache as he tries to fight her orders. Helena tells Jake that Elizabeth may have showed him kindness but to believe her when she says that Carly is no friend of his.

At the Spencer house, Fluke catches Dante before he can break into the basement. The two end up arguing about what is down there. Dante tells Fluke that he believes the real Luke Spencer is in the basement and that Fluke is actually Bill Eckert. Dante orders him at gunpoint to open the basement door. Fluke eventually opens the door and cuffs himself to the stairs per Dante's orders. As Dante approaches the open door, Fluke manages to escape and get the upper hand on Dante.

At Pentonville, Franco confronts Julian and Sonny and demands in on their prison break. Franco and Sonny squabble until Julian stops them. Julian says that they are wasting time and they should just take Franco with them, otherwise he will just cause problems. Sonny eventually agrees. Julian informs them about Ava’s plan to break out, which involves Madeline’s transport to the PCPD jail. Before they can make their way to the transfer point some guards arrive to break up their party. The three realize they are running out of time so they knock the guards out. Elsewhere, Ava informs Madeline that she’s leaving prison with her. She tells Madeline that she is going to court and will lie for her and tell the court that Nina forced Madeline to help her. Madeline wonders what is in it for Ava, telling her that Nina controls the money so she can’t pay her anything. Ava tells Madeline that she admires her and is counting on her one day returning the favor. Later the guards arrive to transfer the two to the jail.

Brad returns home to Lucas and the two make love. Afterwards Brad tells Lucas they need to get ready so they aren’t late for his party. Brad gets out of bed and finds the phoenix figurine and asks where it came from. Lucas says he found it on the docks, but doesn’t know what it is. Brad tells him it’s a phoenix, it signifies beauty and peace. He says that usually they are paired with a dragon, which symbolizes power and strength. Together they are the yin and the yang. Lucas says that somewhere out there is a dragon without a phoenix. Brad promises to get him a dragon to go with it.

Thursday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

As they are making their way to the transport, Madeline asks Ava if something is wrong.

Sam asks Patrick, "Do you know what this means?"

Michael tells Tracy that he wants to thank her.

Maxie asks Lulu what is going on.

Carly shows up at the PCPD and asks Nathan about Dante’s whereabouts. She says it’s about Jake.

Jake makes a call and says, "It’s done."

Fluke pushes Dante down the steps at the Spencer house.

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