At Pentonville, a guard drags Ava down the hall. She expects him to kill her. He takes her to the visiting room instead. Silas is waiting for her. He's brought the baby. They talk about what a great job Kiki is doing with the kid. Ava tips him off about nearly being murdered. She can't go to the guards or get transferred, but she has a plan. After she hints at escape, he suggests she stay put and do what she needs to survive. Ava tells the baby how sorry she is. "One day I will be back for you," she promises. The guard takes her away. Meanwhile, Sonny fills Julian in on Bill's grave being empty. He's not totally convinced that Fluke is Bill though. Julian asks if he tried having Ava killed. Sonny admits he wants her dead but the order didn't come from him. Julian already suspects Fluke since she failed to complete one of his orders. He warns Corinthos not to touch his sister and claims she's their ticket out of there. She has an escape plan and needs their help. Sonny doesn't want to help. Julian insists it's the only way to protect their families. "So be it," Sonny says.

Fluke finds Bill's grave desecrated and curses Falconeri. Helena claps as he yells. He's worried that the basement will be raided. She explains it's been taken care of. It's been condemned. He turns to worrying about his party and complaining about how incompetent her soldier is. Helena is determined to figure out what's been going wrong. He turns to contemplating the explosion that will kill his enemies.

Dante tries getting into the old house when Michael surprises him. The cop explains that he's just there to make sure Shawn hasn't been snooping. They look around. Dante wants to check the basement. He picks up a crowbar as Sloane arrives. He has a court order that condemns the house. Michael objects. Sloane says the order came from the mayor and asks for the keys. Michael tells Sloane that he'll hear from his attorneys. Later, Dante breaks into the house. Before he can pry open the basement door, Fluke interrupts.

Carly calls Michael from the hospital and leaves a message telling him how proud she is of his plans for the clinic. She gets off the phone and assures Jake that they will get to the bottom of what's wrong with him. He's unsettled about losing time. She reveals that she found a phone in his bag. Flipping through the record, she sees calls from an unknown number. He gets a flash of a voice on the phone. When he can't recognize it, he's frustrated and wants to get out of Port Charles. Carly leaves to find Kevin. The phone rings. He answers and Helena activates him.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny probes Lulu about her latest tiff with Dante. They bicker about her husband and she pleads with him to cut the tension. He looks at her flirtatiously and insists that her husband has nothing to worry about. They discuss her father and his opposition to having his old house torn down. He makes some vague comments about her father changing deep down. She mentions how great it is to have her real father back. Johnny's about to say something when Michael arrives.

Jake meets Helena in the graveyard.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava has some surprising news.

Franco has a proposition for Sonny and Julian.

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