Due to breaking news on weather, today's recap started at 3:02 PM, two minutes into the show. At Shadybrook, Heather asks Nina about her call with her lawyer. Nina tells Heather that it wasn’t her lawyer on the phone but Franco. Nina gushes to Heather, who she believes is a woman named Diana, about Franco. Heather acts impressed that she knows a big time artist like Franco and asks to speak with him the next time he calls.

At Pentonville Franco is busted by a guard who finds Sonny’s cellphone in his bunk and gives the guard an original Franco sketch in order to avoid another stint in solitary. Franco also gets to keep the phone and gives Nina a call to check on her. He’s shocked when Nina hands the phone to Heather. Elsewhere, Ava talks with Julian about Sonny, who she suspects tried to have her killed. Julian doesn’t think Sonny was behind the hit on her, but that it was their old boss Fluke. He informs her that Fluke was not Faison after all, and he may actually be Bill Eckert. Julian also tells her about his plan to escape in order to protect Lucas. Ava informs Julian that she has a way out and says that Madeline is being transported to the PCPD jail until her trial and she plans to hitch a ride on the van. Julian says he will too and convinces Ava that she needs him for protection. Before Julian can tell her that he’s working with Sonny a guard catches her and drags her back to her cell. In another part of the prison Shawn meets with Sonny and says that Eckert’s grave was empty. Sonny isn’t surprised and plans to handle Fluke himself but orders Shawn not to tip Fluke off as he could snap. Shawn confesses to Sonny that Jordan happened to trail him so she knows what’s going on. He swears that Jordan is loyal though. Later Sonny fills Julian in on Eckert’s grave being empty.

Dante meets with Jordan at the cemetery to discuss Bill Eckert’s grave. Jordan fills him in on Sonny’s orders to find out if Eckert was really dead or not and says that the man posing as Luke is still a phony. It appears he is Bill Eckert. They compare notes and Dante suspects Luke is being stashed in the basement of the Spencer house and says he needs to get over there.

Lulu, Lucas and Bobbie have breakfast at Kelly’s to remember Aunt Ruby. Lulu finds it odd that her father isn’t here, and they all wonder where he is.

At the Spencer house Fluke brings Luke some food and gloats about his plan to blow up The Haunted Star with all his friends and family onboard. Luke asks why he is doing this and thinks Fluke is Bill, which means his family is also Bill’s family. Fluke says Bill is dead and buried and gags Luke when Lulu calls. Lulu invites Fluke to the cemetery to commemorate Ruby’s death. He tells her that he will meet her there. Fluke wishes Luke happy pondering as to why he’s doing this to him.

Fluke shows up at the cemetery and runs into Dante and wonders what Dante is doing here. Before Dante says anything, Lulu, Bobbie and Lucas arrive. They are also shocked to see Dante, who claims he knows Lulu’s family is important to her, and asks about Ruby’s connection to Bill. Bobbie tells him that Ruby was Bill’s sister and gives a speech about Ruby, telling Lucas that Ruby would be so proud of him. They all plan to meet this evening at The Haunted Star for the party. Everyone leaves except for Fluke, who takes a moment alone at Ruby’s grave and spots Bill’s grave, which is still open.

Back at Shadybrook, Heather talks to Franco on the phone. He’s shocked to learn his mother is there and warns her to stay away from Nina. Heather tells Franco that she’s going to punish him by crushing Nina. Franco begs her not to do this, but Heather says there is no way he can stop her and hangs up the phone as she hands it back to Nina. Nina thinks they must have gotten disconnected. The phone rings as Franco tries calling back, but the guard takes it from Nina as she’s out of time.

Jordan runs into TJ at the docks. He figures that she’s here to do more business. Jordan defends herself and explains what she did to save Ric. She also says she’s now working for Sonny and Shawn. Shawn arrives and tries to convince TJ to cut his mom some slack. TJ forgives Jordan and the two hug.

Dante arrives at the Spencer house to see if his hunch about Luke is correct.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Jake that the gun and ski mask weren’t the only things she found in his bag.

Johnny asks Lulu what Dante did this time.

Michael catches Dante outside the Spencer house.

Fluke asks Helena what she’s done now.

Sonny tells Julian that Ava is going to need protection.

Ava asks a guard where they are taking her.

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