Maxie and Nathan wake up together in bed. They end up chitchatting about organized crime in Port Charles, and specifically Johnny. Nathan tells Maxie that Johnny implied she had a history with him. Maxie says they had a pretend dating relationship for business, but there was a mutual attraction. Maxie tells Nathan that Johnny has a history of doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

On the docks Jordan meets with Duke and Shawn to talk business. When Jordan leaves to check on a shipment, Shawn confides in Duke that Fluke is still posing as Luke and that Sonny believes he’s Bill Eckert. Shawn tells him that Sonny’s asked him to dig up Bill’s grave to find out if he’s dead or not. Jordan, who is hiding around the corner, hears all of this. Later Jordan trails Shawn when he leaves.

In Pentonville, Fluke talks to Sonny over the phone and threatens his and Julian’s sons. Sonny warns Fluke to stay away from Michael and Lucas, but Fluke wonders what they can do about it. Sonny threatens to expose Fluke as Bill Eckert. Fluke tries to play it off that he’s not Eckert, that Eckert is dead. Sonny says they’ll see about that. Fluke tells Sonny to stay out of his business or Michael and Lucas will pay. Sonny tries to offer up his territory if it will keep Michael safe. Fluke is surprised he’s willing to had over his coffee kingdom so easily, but says he will just take what he wants now. Fluke hangs up on Sonny. Sonny tells Julian they have one option left now, to bust out.

At General Hospital, Michael meets with Lucas to discuss the clinic. He wants Lucas’ input and suggests they go down to the waterfront so he can show him the current plans. Elsewhere, Patrick talks with Liz about Jake’s latest incident and his memory issues. Patrick starts to wonder if Sam is right and Jake is the man who took her hostage. Liz defends Jake, saying there is no evidence connecting him to Faison’s escape. Liz says if he can’t be objective then she can get another doctor for Jake, but Patrick says that’s not necessary. In Jake’s room, Carly is stunned to find a gun with a missing serial number in Jake’s duffle bag along with a black suit and mask. She says they look a lot like what the gunman who took Sam hostage wore. Jake has no explanation for them and struggles to believe he could be guilty. Jake begs Carly not to tell anyone about this. Liz and Patrick walk in to check on Jake. Carly keeps quiet and takes Jake’s bag as she leaves, saying she’ll keep it safe for him. In the hallway Michael is leaving with Lucas and runs right into Carly. Carly is filled in on Lucas’ role in Michael’s new project. She’s happy for them both. Michael excuses himself and tells Lucas he’ll wait outside for him. Lucas tells Carly not to give up on Michael. She says she won’t. Carly returns to Jake’s room where Jake thanks Carly for not ratting him out. Carly suggests they find out the truth about what happen by going back to see Kevin Collins.

Alexis and Sam meet for lunch at Kelly’s. Sam tells her mom that her night with Patrick was wonderful. Sam says the only glitch was discovering that her phoenix statue is gone. Sam is certain someone stole it, that it’s not just misplaced. Alexis suggests she is fixating on the figure because she feels guilty for sleeping with Patrick. Sam dismisses that and says her phoenix is missing and she wants it back. Later Patrick calls Sam to invite her to dinner. He also asks about her statue, which Sam thinks will eventually turn up.

Shawn arrives at the cemetery to dig up Bill’s grave. Jordan spies on him, but he catches her.

Lucas and Michael arrive at the docks. Michael gets a call from Luke, who asks Michael to bring Lucas and meet him at the haunted star to discuss the clinic. As Michael is on the phone, Lucas happens to find Sam’s phoenix on the ground.

Friday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lucas and Michael meet with Fluke, who is holding a baseball bat.

At the graveyard, Shawn asks Jordan what in the hell she’s doing here.

In prison, Ava sees Madeline and blames her for not being able to be with her baby.

Morgan and Kiki discuss their kiss.

Julian and Sonny confront Franco. Sonny says if they wanted they could just kill him.

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