It is a new day and Sam and Patrick wake up in Sam’s bed. Sam goes to lend Patrick her phone so he can check on Emma. Sam then notices her phoenix statue is missing, only the dragon remains. She becomes upset, telling Patrick how Jason had it on him when Faison shot him. She believes someone broke in while they were in the shower last night and took it. Patrick wonders why someone would steal a knickknack. Patrick suggests she talk to Danny, her mom or the housekeeper, maybe they saw it somewhere else. Patrick eventually heads off to work and tells her that the phoenix will turn up.

On the docks, Jake is found passed out by a cop. Paramedics arrive and realize he’s suffering from hypothermia. They cart him off, leaving the phoenix statue behind.

At General Hospital, Lucas and Elizabeth chitchat about Michael’s new clinic project. Suddenly the paramedics bring in Jake. Jake is conscious, but doesn’t remember what happened to him. Elizabeth tells him that he was found passed out at Pier 54. Jake remembers holding the phoenix there, but nothing else. Lucas orders some tests on Jake after Elizabeth fills him in on his accident and memory issues. Elsewhere at the hospital, Anna and Jordan meet. Anna tells Jordan that this may be the last time she sees her as she’s been called to D.C. to discuss her actions with the WSB heads. Anna tells Jordan that Nathan and Dante will do their best to protect her. Jordan feels she should just run, but Anna begs her not to do that. Jordan agrees on the condition that if things go sour for Anna in DC that she calls Jordan to warn her and give her a chance to get out. Anna thanks her and tells her how much she respects her. Jordan wishes Anna luck.

Sonny calls Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny warns him to stay away from Luke and the old Spencer house. Michael lashes out at Sonny, telling him not to give him orders or contact him again. Michael storms into the living room where Tracy and Fluke are and he tells them about his call from Sonny. Michael also fills them in on catching Shawn snooping around the old house. Fluke becomes upset and tells Michael he should forget about his old house. He says it’s a death trap and that he should build his clinic elsewhere. Tracy thinks having the house torn down will help Luke exorcise his memories of it, but Fluke says it’s not up to him. He says that somehow the house got left to Bill Eckert. Upon hearing Bill's name, Tracy thinks maybe it's best that Michael build elsewhere.

At the coffee shop, Carly finds Shawn and the two bicker about Sonny’s decision to cut her out of his life. Alexis walks in and serves Shawn with a restraining order against Michael. As Alexis and Shawn argue, Carly gets a call from Elizabeth about Jake. Carly takes off.

At Pentonville, Julian and Sonny plot to find out who Fluke is. Sonny calls Shawn and tells him that he suspects Eckert is the one out to bring them down. Shawn has been doing research on Bill since they last spoke. Sonny wants Shawn to dig up Bill’s grave and find out if he’s really dead. Later someone unknown calls Sonny’s phone. He answers it and it’s Fluke calling. Fluke warns him that there are consequences for his and Julian’s plotting and that the sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons.

Back at General Hospital, Carly arrives to check on Jake. She wonders what happened to him. Jake doesn’t remember. Lucas says they are running some tests on him. Later Jake struggles to remember what he was doing, but tells Carly that all he remembers is the phoenix statue. Carly thinks the figurine must be in his bag, so she goes to look inside. She’s shocked to find a gun. Outside the room, Patrick arrives to speak with Liz about Jake’s case.

Sam goes to the docks and remembers diving down to try and recover Jason’s body, but how she only found the phoenix figurine.

Thursday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan tells Maxie that Johnny implied he had a history with her.

Duke tells Shawn that Michael’s in grave danger.

Michael tells Lucas that he doesn’t want Sonny’s protection.

Over the phone, Sonny tells Fluke to stay the hell away from Michael.

Alexis asks Sam if it was everything she hoped it would be.

Patrick wonders to Liz if Jake could be the one who took Sam hostage.

Carly asks Jake why he has an illegal gun.

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