Maxie wanders into the Haunted Star looking for Lulu and finds Johnny. Things are awkward and they hug. She's glad he's getting his life together and fills him in on being a mom. "Planned?" he asks. She shows him pictures of her kid and he talks about how he wanted to name his child Harper. The topic turns to Nathan and he informs her of his meeting with him. She asks him if he's missed sex since he went to prison. He's missed more than sex and starts flirting with her. Maxie makes it clear that she is crazy about Nathan. He doubts the detective is right for her. She explains how much she has changed. She's sure her boyfriend will be okay with them being friends.

Dante strolls into Kelly's to see Shawn. He runs into Nathan at the bar and starts unloading about his family. As he eats, he fills his partner in about the Johnny situation. Dante learns that Nathan is living above the bar now. After admitting that he was wrong, Dante decides to get some flowers and head home. Maxie soon arrives and gets lovey-dovey with Nathan. He explains that he's moving in there. She thinks it can wait until tomorrow.

When Lulu gets home, she finds Olivia sleeping on the couch. She wakes her up and fills her in about her fight with Dante over Johnny. Liv thinks that selling the boat might be a good plan. Then again, she also thinks her son is being too controlling. And then again, she also used to sleep with Johnny. She lists all the men she's slept with who ended up in prison. Lulu squeals when she mentions Julian's name. Olivia admits she's not the best person to give anyone advice. Once Liv leaves, Lulu gets into bed when she hears Dante coming. He has flowers for her and apologizes. She ignores him at first but accepts his flowers and apology. Lulu adds that Johnny insists he's out of the mob.

In Pentonville, Julian and Sonny ponder who Fluke could be. Corinthos tells him about the Bill Eckert angle. Bill looked exactly like Luke. He was supposedly killed by Frank Smith. Julian wonders how he could still be alive and why he would be after them. Sonny explains he was in deep with Smith and Bill might want revenge. The phone rings. It's Johnny. Sonny teases him and hangs up. The mobsters try to think up a way to prove Fluke is Eckert.

On the pier, Helena tells Fluke that she's ordered her soldier to kill Sam and Patrick. He doubts killing the doctor is a good idea. Nikolas interrupts. He demands to know how they suddenly became partners in crime. Fluke claims their relationship is complicated. That still doesn't make sense to the prince and he wonders how Lulu would feel about it. Fluke lectures him and orders him to keep it quiet. After Nikolas wanders off, Helena worries about Jake not calling.

Jake sneaks into Sam's room. He takes aim at her and Patrick but begins having flashbacks. He backs off while they romp. Jake gets his gun ready again as they slip into the shower. As he stares at the bed, he begins having more flashes. After spotting a gewgaw Sam once gave him, he grabs it. When he hears Sam and Patrick finishing their shower, he sneaks out. She senses that someone was there but is soon distracted by sex.

Down by the pier, Jake is troubled by more flashes. As he holds the gewgaw, he keels over.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam wakes up to discover that something is missing.

Jake has little memory of the previous night.

Shawn receives a restraining order.

Sonny tries to warn Michael about Fluke.

Sonny receives a threat from Fluke.

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