Shawn is at Luke's old house. He's about to break into the basement when Michael interrupts. He assumes that his father sent Shawn and demands to know why. Shawn advises him to go. Michael doesn't want him there.

At the Haunted Star, Dante insists to his wife that letting Johnny into her business is a bad idea. He suggests that she sell her half to him. Johnny smirks. She won't sell the boat that belonged to her father. Zacchara wonders if she'll let Dante tell her what to do. When he begins taunting the cop about his mom, Dante slugs him. Lulu orders them to stop brawling. She takes her husband aside and tells him they need to decide things together. He gets a call from Michael and offers to take Lulu home. She insists on staying to clean up. Once he leaves, Johnny and Lulu bicker about how he treats her husband. He thinks Dante isn't treating her with enough respect. She wants to know if her husband is right about him. Zacchara insists that he just wants a fresh start... and to see her.

Dante gets to the house. Michael explains that he caught Shawn breaking in. He wants him charged with trespassing. The cop can't arrest him because Shawn isn't there and Michael doesn't even own the building. Michael asks for a restraining order.

Fluke and Helena are on the pier contemplating the Haunted Star. She recalls giving it up and looks forward to Sam's elimination. "One down, how many more to go?" Fluke wonders. The Cassadine explains she's sent 'soldier boy' after Sam. Fluke worries about Michael poking around. As time passes, she starts to worry when she realizes that she hasn't heard from her soldier.

Jake sneaks into Sam's as she and Patrick head upstairs. He stops at the steps and memories of welcoming Sam there echo in his head. As he walks around the room, he stops at a photo of Sam with Jason and Danny. He takes off his mask and sits down. More memories of Sam flood in. Suddenly, Robin materializes. He threatens to shoot her so she points out that she's only in his head. She explains that she's an old friend of his and is there to stop him from killing Sam. Jake doesn't have choice. She starts to explain who Sam is when Helena calls and interrupts. Her soldier says Sam has company. She orders him to kill them both. Upstairs, Sam and Patrick are making out as she unbuttons his shirt. She stops when she notices the photo of Jason facing her. The doctor can understand if she doesn't want to go any further. She does and puts the photo away. After lighting candles, they start up again. After sex, the surgeon wonders if dream Patrick was as good as the real thing. He asks if she was thinking about Jason. They agree that it's okay to talk about their pasts if they want to. As they cuddle, Jake starts to ease the bedroom door open.

Carly shows up at the hospital looking for Jake. Liz saw him on the pier on his way back from the Vollanino's gym. That doesn't make sense to Carly. They talk about why Jake left Liz's and how he always seems preoccupied.

Julian and Sonny are in Pentonville debating how much danger their sons are in. Sonny insists that sending Shawn to investigate Fluke is their best bet. Their arguing gets heated. Gino, Johnny's thug, pops up and interrupts. He reminds them that they both have targets on them and calls in a few guys. There's some eye-rolling. Corinthos and Jerome beat up Gino's boys and then bark that they will take on anyone he sends. Threatening him, they demand his phone. Once Sonny has it, he calls Shawn for an update. Shawn tells him about the house and catching Fluke with Helena. He explains that the house was owned by Bill.

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nikolas questions Luke.

Sonny shares his theory about Fluke with Julian.

Johnny bumps into Maxie at the Haunted Star.

Dante and Nathan discuss their relationships.

Lulu talks to Olivia about her argument with Dante.

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