At the hospital, Liz tells Patrick how absurd Sam's theory about Jake is. She thinks Sam is still grieving and doesn't want to see the doctor get hurt. Meanwhile, Michael helps Rosalie hobble in with her fake sprain. He notices Lucas is working as an intern. They catch up on why he finally decided to pursue medicine. Lucas takes a look at Rosalie's ankle. He can't see anything wrong with it so decides to order x-rays. She explains she has no insurance but Michael says that she's covered by ELQ. After she's wheeled off by an orderly, Lucas hopes that both of his fathers would be proud of him finally becoming a doctor. They start arguing about Carly. Michael refuses to forgive her. Lucas urges him to help Morgan out. Michael doesn't want to discuss that so they talk about the clinic. He asks Lucas to run it. Rosalie is brought back with the x-rays. Lucas can't see anything wrong with them.

On the waterfront, Jake recalls Helena's orders to kill Sam as he plays with his gun. Liz interrupts so he shoves the gun in his bag. They catch up and he assures her that he's not homeless. She asks him to go back to her place and promises that Ric won't be there. He doesn't think that would be a good idea. Liz misses him but he thinks that whatever they had is no longer possible. She wonders if he's started seeing Carly. Jake explains that he can't be 'just friends' with Liz and walks off.

Sam takes a break from preparing dinner at home to stare at a photo of her and Jason. Alexis barges in, unexpected. She guesses that Patrick is coming over. Sam didn't even call Noodle Buddha. Her mom notices she's clutching Jason's picture. Sam has had other men over but still feels like it's Jason's place. The doctor knocks at the door so Alexis makes herself scarce. As Sam and Patrick drink wine, a flustered Alexis runs out the door. They sit down to eat. He's impressed by her cooking. The topic turns to Jake and he hopes she's dropping that investigation. She's leaving it to the cops. He suggests they save the dessert for later. She leads him up the stairs. A masked Jake sneaks in.

At Pentonville, Julian and Sonny bicker. Corinthos admits he's already sent Shawn after Fluke. Julian thinks he's doomed his sons. They argue about whether or not Sonny has moles in his operation. Sonny assures him that Shawn is only running surveillance. Julian continues to worry that they are placing their sons in danger.

Fluke returns to Luke's old home with Shawn trailing behind him. Once Fluke heads down to the basement, Shawn sneaks in. When he tries to break into the basement, he hears someone at the front door and hides. Helena creeps in as Fluke comes up. She assures him that the situation is in hand. He wonders how she got through a locked door and starts to worry. As he searches, he complains about how everything keeps going wrong. Shawn continues to eavesdrop and Helena convinces Fluke to leave with her. As soon as they are gone, Shawn starts to pry open the basement door, mumbling, "Let's see what's down there."

Dante walks into the Haunted Star and finds Lulu talking to Johnny. The cop is not pleased and gets threatening. Lulu confronts her husband for it. Dante claims he's just protecting his family and isn't trying to control her. Johnny smugly interrupts so the cop growls at him and accuses him of hitting on his wife. Lulu pipes up to explain that she and Johnny Z are back in business together. Dante is sure that Johnny is still up to his neck in mob business. He suggests that Lulu sell her half of the business to the gangster.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jake sees someone from his past.

Sam and Patrick's romantic evening may end in danger.

Dante and Lulu argue about her business relationship with Johnny.

Sonny and Julian learn who is working with Fluke.

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