Anna meets Jordan by the pier for an update. They discuss the Sloane and Lomax angle. Anna is determined to take them down. Jordan worries about her safety. Anna reveals that she has her file and Sloane is clueless that Jordan is an undercover agent. She insists that this is the best way to keep her safe. Jordan wants to pack it in but Anna assures her that Dante and Nathan have her back. Devane explains that they only need to put Duke and Shawn in Pentonville and they'll be all done. She begs.

Sloane settles into Anna's old office. Dante and Nathan stop by. They both find his appointment mysterious. Their new boss snipes at them and wonders if they want to keep their jobs. The cops agree to respect his office. Sloane wants to know about all of Devane's secret operations. The cops claim they aren't aware of any but their boss has already found financial records indicating otherwise. Nathan claims they are in the dark. This riles Sloane. He orders them to get with the program and boots them out. Moments later, he corners West and apologizes for his tone. He promises to fix the department and hopes Nathan is on board. The cop gets a call from Anna and wanders off to take it. She fills him in on her plans for Jordan.

At Wyndemere, Helena explains to Nikolas that Rosalie is working for them. She knows Rosalie's dirty secret.

Michael takes Rosalie to the old house and he explains he wants to turn it into the clinic. After they find the basement locked, he goes looking for a key and she calls Helena to fill her in. Helena orders her to get Michael out of there before he can go in the basement. Rosalie doesn't get the big deal so Helena barks at her. Michael returns with a crowbar to open the basement door. As he tries to pry it open, she distracts him by pretending to twist her ankle. He offers to take her to a doctor.

Johnny strolls into the Haunted Star and tells Fluke that Julian is still alive... because of Sonny. That doesn't go over well. Zacchara assures him that he can take out Jerome but Fluke is determined to do it himself. Lulu shows up. Fluke doesn't want her hanging out with an ex-con. She defends Johnny. Fluke gets a call from Helena about what's happening at the house. He insists on handling this himself. After making an excuse to his daughter, he leaves. Lulu asks Johnny what was going on with him and her dad. He claims her dad just doesn't trust him. They argue about who owns the Haunted Star and he explains he bought back his half. He adds that that might not have been a good idea since Dante has been warning him away from her. This outrages her. As she rants, her husband arrives.

Shawn visits Sonny in Pentonville. The boss announces that they are going to war against Fluke. He explains what Julian told him and orders Shawn to get the goods on Fluke. Shawn wants to bring Jordan into the operation.

Back at the house, Michael escorts Rosalie away as Fluke watches from the bushes. When he enters the building, Shawn follows.

Back at Wyndemere, after much nagging from Nikolas, Helena finally informs the prince that they are working with Luke. He thinks that's impossible. "Stranger things have happened," she says.

Friday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Shawn spies on Fluke.

Michael asks Lucas if he wants to run the new clinic.

Liz interrupts Jake as he prepares to carry out Helena's orders.

Dante finds Johnny talking to Lulu and tears into him.

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