Maxie and Nathan are in bed discussing Lomax’s win and Sloane’s new job. Nathan reveals that Anna held Sloane back from a promotion years ago as he broke some rules and ethics. Maxie suspects this is about revenge and that Lomax’s re-election was rigged. Nathan tells Maxie that he’ll look into it. Nathan switches the subject to their relationship and moving in together. Maxie says she wants to be smart and take this slow so she doesn’t ruin things. Maxie and Nathan agree that he should move out for the time being.

Anna is packing up her office when Sloane shows up. Sloane claims he had no idea that Lomax would fire her and give him her job, but Anna doesn’t believe him. She thinks that he and Lomax worked together to ensure Lomax won the election and he got her job. He denies it and tells her that her accusations are just her sour grapes over her mistake with Faison that cost Anna her job. As Anna is leaving she tells him not to get too comfortable as she’ll find out how he got her job and who he’s working with.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Helena how she came in possession of the stocks that Tracy and Alice gave to Jerry Jacks. Helena says Jerry is a good friend and those shares are the first step in taking over ELQ. Nikolas thinks she’ll never take over with only fifteen percent, but Helena says he will convince the Quartermaines to give up more of their shares. Helena asks Nikolas why he seems to have finally turned to the dark side. Nikolas says he finally realized that his attempts to find love and happiness have all blown up in his face, and he is sick of trying to be good and suppressing what comes natural to him. He says it’s time to become a Cassadine, which thrills Helena. Nikolas reveals that Sloane knew that Spencer took the ballot box, so he approached him with a plan. Helena feels he shouldn’t stop with the election, he should seize control of ELQ as well. Nikolas says he’ll work to get Brook’s shares of ELQ, while Helena says she’s arranged to have someone on the inside of ELQ.

Michael walks into Metro Court and Carly asks if he’s there to see her. He’s not, he says he has a business meeting. Michael walks away from Carly and runs into Rosalie. Rosalie has come about a job posting for a reservation clerk. Michael suggests she work for him instead. She is flattered but refuses. Rosalie confesses to him that Nina was blackmailing her to pose as her nurse, which she’s not. Michael offers to help her and asks what Nina’s holding over her. A phone call from his assistant interrupts them. Michael’s assistant has quit, so he begs her to take the job. Rosalie agrees. Elsewhere, Jake wakes up in his hotel room after having a dream about Helena ordering him to kill Sam. He opens his bag and finds a gun inside. Suddenly Carly knocks on his door and asks if they can talk. Jake puts the gun away and invites Carly in. She cries to him about Michael hating her. Jake consoles her and tells her to trust that Michael will get through this. After Carly leaves, Jake remembers his orders from Helena as he loads his gun.

Back at Wyndemere, Helena tells Nikolas that Michael is at this moment hiring a new assistant who actually works for her.

Sam breaks into Kevin’s office at General Hospital and pulls up Jake’s records, but Patrick catches her before she can read them. Sam says that Jake has been having fragmented memories of helping Faison, but Kevin told him the memories were just the power of suggestion. Sam wants to know what really happened in their session and asks for Patrick’s help. Patrick talks to her about this obsession and how he misses the Sam he used to know. Sam says she misses that Sam as well, and they kiss. Sam suggests they pick up where they left off on New Year’s Eve at her place.

Thursday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jordan asks Anna about her position now that Anna is no longer the commissioner.

Sloane asks Dante and Nathan if they will have a problem reporting to him.

Michael and Rosalie go to the Spencer house. Rosalie thanks Michael for taking a chance on her.

Helena makes a call to someone and tells them to get Michael out of there!

Fluke loses his cool and screams, "How the hell did that happen!"

Sonny gives Shawn some new orders.

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