In a flashback at the docks, Felicia, her friends and family post her first campaign poster for mayor. In the present, Duke and Lucy look at the poster and think about how hopeful they all were back then. Duke and Lucy lament about the loves they’ve since lost.

At the Metro Court, Sloane sits down at Anna’s table with a search warrant. A ballot box went missing and Felicia is a suspect in election tampering. Sloane also suspects that Nikolas Cassadine, Felicia’s biggest campaign contributor, may have had a part in it. The warrant is to search his place. Sloane has an eyewitness who saw the Cassadine driver loading the box onto the boat to Wyndemere.

Reporters at the courthouse hound Felicia as she makes her way in with Mac. Alexis is Felicia’s lawyer and argues with Scotty over the accusations against her and Nikolas.

Maxie and Nathan are still in bed at their place. Maxie says they would be at her mother’s inauguration today if it weren’t for the missing ballot box. Maxie has flashbacks of hanging up posters at the docks with Lulu. Nathan told them they needed a permit to do so, which lead to an argument between Maxie and Nathan. In the present, Nathan gets a call from Anna asking him to execute a warrant at Wyndemere.

Lulu shows up to see Nikolas at Wyndemere, only to find the missing ballot box in his living room. Before Nikolas can explain, Dante and Nathan arrive to arrest him. Spencer rushes in and claims he is the guilty party. Spencer says he snuck out on New Year’s Eve to see the fireworks when he saw a man and woman dropping the box into the water. Spencer had the driver jump into the river to get the box for him. Spencer tells Dante that he didn’t know what was inside it, but the man and woman who dumped it said, “Sonny isn’t in charge anymore.” Spencer only wanted to give it back to Sonny. Nikolas says he just found the box in Spencer’s room last night. Dante asks Spencer if he recognized the man and woman. Spencer remembers seeing them at The Nurse’s Ball.

Back at the courthouse, Maxie arrives to support her mother. As Mayor Lomax hounds Felicia and her family, Nathan walks in with the missing box. Scotty examines the box. He says it hasn’t been tampered with, so the count should resume.

Shawn and Jordan are in bed together. Jordan can’t stop thinking about how they tampered with the election. Jordan and Shawn remember throwing the box into the river. Duke had ordered Jordan to do this to prove his loyalty to him. Shawn goes to shower and Jordan gets a visit from Dante, who tells her that Spencer has identified her and Shawn as the ones who dumped the ballot box. Jordan says she had to do this in order to get in with Duke. Shawn catches them together, but Jordan manages to cover and says this cop is just harassing her.

Back at Metro Court, Anna prepares to leave when Duke and Lucy arrive. Duke and Sloane have words. Sloane gets a call that the box has been recovered and returned to city hall, so he leaves. Later Anna confronts Duke about his two employees dumping the box into the river. Duke claims innocence and tells Anna she has no proof. Anna marches off and Lucy apologizes to Duke as she stole the box in the first place. Lucy flashes back to stealing the box at the courthouse. The race was being contested over one district that Mayor Lomax felt she was a shoe-in to win, but the ballots had Felicia’s name misprinted on them. Lucy was given the box as she was on the election committee, so she stole it after Mayor Lomax promised to throw her friend Duke in jail. In the present, both Duke and Lucy promise not to sell each other out if it comes to it.

Back at the courthouse, Mayor Lomax is revealed to be the winner. She has Scotty swear her in. Mayor Lomax then says her first order of business is to fire Anna. Anna says she will fight this, but Lomax already has nominated her replacement, Kyle Sloane. Anna accuses them of plotting against her and promptly hires Alexis. Once they are alone, Mayor Lomax and Sloane discuss how Felicia actually won the election but they switched out the box with the help of Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas burns the actual ballots in his fireplace.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly asks Michael if he has come to see her.

In bed, Maxie says to Nathan, "So this is about revenge."

Patrick asks someone what they are doing here.

Nikolas tells Helena that they need to talk about ELQ.

Sloane asks Anna what she’s doing in his office?

Jake, in a bathrobe, holds a gun.

Sam breaks into someone’s office at General Hospital.

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