Maxie and Nathan race home during their lunch breaks to make love. Nathan gets a little jealous that Maxie was checking out Carly’s new bartender, Jake. Maxie thinks he looks more like a soldier than a bartender. Nathan tells her about Sam’s suspicions, but Maxie doubts he did it. Maxie doesn’t think he would stick around Port Charles if Faison paid him off. Maxie thinks Sam’s grief and anger over Jason’s death are still there and she is focusing on Jake as the man to blame. Maxie hopes Sam can move on and find a fresh start with Patrick.

Jake arrives to see Dr. Collins at General Hospital, only to find Helena in his office. She says he is conditioned to take her orders, so take a seat. Jake does and says he came to see Dr. Collins to find out if he did what Sam’s accused him of. Helena tells Jake that he’s guilty as sin. Helena says after he leaves this office he will forget everything that happened. She has one more thing for him to do though. Elsewhere, Carly defends Jake to Sam. Carly tells Sam that this is about her misplaced anger over Faison's escape and Jason’s death. Carly says Jake has gone to see Kevin Collins to prove his innocence. Later Jake shows up and tells Carly and Sam that he had nothing to do with Faison, and that the power of suggestion and his brain trauma made him think Sam could have been correct. Back in Kevin’s office, Helena remembers ordering Jake what to tell Sam, and then to kill her.

Lulu meets Tracy for breakfast at Metro Court. Luke didn’t come as Tracy says she and Luke had a fight about his past. She says Luke hates talking about his childhood and his other sister. Lulu asks about this other sister, whom she never knew about. Tracy says she never met her, that her name is Patricia, and nobody knows where she is or if she’s alive. The two switch topics to Johnny, who Tracy thinks Lulu needs to stay far away from. Tracy also thinks there is more to Anthony’s death than has been let on.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas looks through a folder containing Tracy’s ELQ stock. Alexis walks in and he puts it away. Nikolas and Alexis talk about her dating Ned, and ELQ. Alexis says Michael is running ELQ now with Ned’s help. Nikolas asks about Tracy’s role there. Alexis says that Tracy gave her stocks over to Jerry Jacks to try and save Luke. She asks why he’s so interested in this. He makes excuses and then Alexis is called away by Felicia and a matter having to do with the election.

In the basement of the old Spencer house Fluke is using Luke’s old bat to threaten Luke, though his real hatred appears to be for Bobbie. Fluke heads upstairs to find Bobbie and Michael standing there, they heard a crash in the basement. Luke claims he came here after his and Bobbie’s fight to confront their past. Luke shows them the baseball bat he found, and says he broke a jug getting it down from a shelf. Michael reveals he has plans to build a clinic here, which is why they came. Fluke gets mad at the idea of Michael tearing down their old house, but Michael says the house belongs to Bill Eckert. Michael says Bill’s son Sly owns it now and he gave him permission to inspect the property. Fluke is upset that Bill ended up with the title to their house. Michael suggests they leave and go talk about his plans for the clinic.

At Pentonville, Julian tells Sonny that he doesn’t know who his boss is, only that he has Luke’s face and is still impersonating Luke. Julian says this guy has connections and wants to take over all their territories. Sonny wonders where the real Luke Spencer is. Sonny thinks they need to go to the cops for once. Julian says they can’t, Fluke is connected to Johnny and countless others. He says Fluke tried to kill his son, and he also sent that hit man after Michael. Sonny wonders if they can’t call the cops then what are their options?

Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie tells Nathan he’s the problem.

Lulu asks Nikolas, “What is that?”

Reporters ask Felicia if she stole the election.

Agent Sloane sips coffee as Anna makes a call for a warrant.

On the docks, Lucy tells Duke things are a mess.

Alexis is in court with Scotty over charges of election tampering.

Shawn and Jordan are in bed with one another. Jordan can’t forget about what they did.

Spencer gets on his knees to beg.

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