Bobbie drops by Michael's office to talk about the old house. He tells her his plans for it and she encourages him to use the house... though she's not sure Luke will be so supportive. She gives him the key and agrees to come along.

At Wyndemere, Helena calls Fluke. She says that Sam is on the trail of their soldier but she will handle her. Nikolas interrupts so she gets off the phone. He interrogates her about who was on the line but she tells him to let it go. He's sure she masterminded Faison's escape and wonders why she would let Nathan and Sam die. She dismisses that. The prince reminds her that he can take her down anytime. She reminds him that it would be the end for him and Spencer. Helena hands him a financial file and asks him to take a look to see if he's ready to take on the family mantle. He's startled to see the file involves ELQ.

Bobbie and Michael arrive on the porch of her childhood home. She's flooded with memories. They head in and she starts to reminisce. Meanwhile, Fluke visits Luke in the basement to rant about Tracy 'braying', the idiots who work for him and 'big mouth Bobbie'. He rails about how she yaps about Bill. Smashing a bottle with a bat, he threatens to crack Bobbie's head open. He threatens to smash Luke's head next. Upstairs, Michael and Bobbie hear the noise and he offers to check it out while she calls the cops.

In the Metro Court dining room, Jake tells Carly that he doesn't know what he's capable of. Maybe he did what Sam accuses him of and can't remember? He's been having flashbacks but is trying to convince himself that they aren't real. Jake beats himself up about it. He's determined to figure out what he is capable of. She encourages him to see Kevin.

When Sam gets to the hospital, Obrecht tells her to make sure she keeps her hands off of "Dr. Feelgood" while he's working. Sam is actually there to talk about Jake and tells her of her suspicions. Obrecht thinks she is being preposterous. Sam threatens to go to Anna with what she knows about Obrecht aiding and abetting a criminal. Before Sam can stroll away, Obrecht agrees to 'speculate' about the escape but is pretty vague. Carly and Jake arrive. He goes off to his appointment and Sam taunts her about her taste in men. Carly defends him. Meanwhile, Jake arrives in Kevin's office. Helena is waiting for him.

In the prison yard, Sonny and Julian bicker about Jerome's false confession. Julian is determined to keep his mouth shut. Johnny's thugs show up to finish Julian off. They tell Sonny to take a walk. He wanders off with a chuckle. But before the thugs can attack Jerome, Sonny returns and attacks one. Two more thugs arrive. Sonny and Julian beat them down. The guards soon arrive to take the dead bodies away. The mobsters claim that they were only witnesses to the killing. The guards buy it. Julian thanks Sonny. Corinthos says they are allies as long as Johnny is after them. Jerome insists that Johnny is just a figurehead. Sonny wants a name but Julian doesn't have it. "All I know is that he has Luke Spencer's face," Jerome explains.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael tells Fluke that he wants to turn his childhood home into a clinic.

Tracy tells Lulu about her fight with Fluke.

Julian updates Sonny about Fluke.

Sam tells Carly that she thinks Jake is working for Helena.

Helena gives Jake another assignment.

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