Sam drops by Wyndemere to chat with Nikolas about the masked man. She's sure he's still in town and wonders who Spencer saw leave with Britt. Nikolas doesn't have any information. They discuss Helena and her suspicions of Jake. The prince is not convinced. She's sure that Carly will stand in the way of her finding out the truth, but she's still determined to look for it.

At the Quartermaine estate, Fluke berates Carlos over the phone about letting Julian get away. Tracy interrupts. He tries to change the topic and claims he was just leaving a message for Baldwin. He tells her about Julian's arrest and Johnny going free. Tracy doesn't like the sound of that. Fluke assures her that Johnny won't be bothering them. She questions him about his reaction to Bobbie when she brought up Bill. He doesn't want to discuss it so she questions him about his other sister. Fluke insists his past is buried. Agitated, he walks out.

Johnny settles into his old apartment. Nathan and Dante pop up at the door. He's not happy to see them. Dante warns him away from Lulu. The mobster reminds him that Lulu doesn't follow rules and will see whoever she wants. Dante warns him again so Johnny brings up Maxie. Nathan gets threatening. When Johnny taunts him, the cop grabs him. After they issue another threat, the cops leave. Later, Fluke arrives. Johnny is shocked to see how much he really looks like Luke. Fluke questions him about Jerome's confession but Johnny didn't have anything to do with it. Fluke assumes that Julian put himself in jail for protection. That won't work.

Jake runs into Carly at the Metro Court restaurant. She tells him she plans to move on without Sonny, but she feels wrong about being happy. Jake thinks she should be happy. Getting behind the bar, she decides to teach him how to mix drinks. When she picks up the paper and shows him the photo of the masked man, he has a brief flashback. Carly notices he's upset so he explains who Sam thinks he is. She thinks Sam has lost her mind. "I'm not so sure about that," he admits. Across the room, Maxie gabs to Lulu about all the sex she's been having with Nathan. Lulu tells her who is out of prison. Her friend wonders if Dante should be worried about Johnny. Lulu admits that seeing him again felt good. She liked to remember being less 'momish' but wouldn't give up what she has now. Maxie's happy that they've both found good guys and aren't fighting over the bad ones. The ladies admire Jake from afar until Nathan and Dante arrive.

Sonny laughs when he spots Julian at Pentonville. Jerome teases him about Michael and then explains why he was arrested. Corinthos doesn't believe he killed Anthony. Some of Johnny's thugs come over to threaten Julian. He blows them off. Sonny questions him about the false confession. Jules admits it wasn't Zacchara who put him up to it.

Ned arrives in Michael's office. They discuss Luke's house being in Bill's name. Michael asks him to get in touch with Jenny since she was Bill's executor. After Ned gets off the phone with her, he explains that she doesn't know anything about the house. Watching Michael at work makes Ned realize how happy his grandfather would be.

Friday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Fluke is disturbed by Luke's family history.

Bobbie accidentally reveals a family secret to Michael.

Carly urges Jake to get counseling.

Sam questions Obrecht about the masked man.

Nikolas catches Helena on the phone.

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