At his office, Michael greets Bobbie as 'grandma'. She is glad he still considers her family. She complains about him writing off Carly. Michael's not buying the excuse that she was protecting him. Bobbie pleads with him to give Carly another chance. Michael tells Bobbie he's turning the house she and Luke grew up in into a clinic. Bobbie gives her blessing. Michael says Bill Eckert owns it. Bobbie says he passed away twenty years ago. She mentions Luke's aversion to Bill's name earlier.

Tracy sits at the Quartermaine mansion and leaves a message for Luke wondering what's got him so tied up. Ned appears and they decide to start the new year not fighting. She's curious about his New Year's. "Alexis or Olivia?" Ned reminds her he's seeing Alexis. Tracy doesn't think it's so cut and dry. Ned insists he's with Alexis, besides, Olivia is busy with Julian Jerome. Tracy marvels at the news and rants. Ned changes the subject to Luke. He tells her about the argument he witnessed between Luke and Bobbie over Bill Eckert. Tracy is puzzled.

Fluke comes down the steps into a cellar and tells Luke, who's tied to a chair, that he stinks. Fluke talks about having to take action and mutters that Julian Jerome is such an incompetent ass. He lets Luke speak. He wants to know how long he'll keep him in that pit. Fluke thought he'd be happy to be back there. Luke rages, "Where am I?" Fluke produces a baseball bat. "Ring any bells?" Luke knows where he is - his childhood home. Fluke mentions Patricia - the older sister he hasn't seen in forty years - and his parents. Luke wonders how he knows about all this. "Who are you?" Fluke asks, "Did you ever consider I might be part of the family?" Luke realizes he's Bill Eckert. But Bill is as dead as disco... He demands to know how he survived. Fluke tapes him back up. He has to go.

Dante comes into Anna's office, where she tells him Johnny got out this morning. He says Sloane contends Johnny's confession was coerced. Dante gets angry. Anna says they got reasonable doubt. Dante says he's a punk, and he doesn't like his relationship with Lulu. He talks about Johnny nearly taking Lulu down with him, although he went to trial to protect her because he loved her. He complains he also dated her mother, who cut him off, but Lulu is loyal and could get hurt. Anna doesn't think Dante needs to worry, but Dante says first loves have a pull.

At Metro Court, Lulu is surprised to see Johnny. They catch up. He says his conviction was overturned. Lulu wishes she'd given him the benefit of the doubt. He asks for a hug. They agree they've missed each other. Nearby, Carly asks Olivia where she ran off to last night and asks why she comped a room to Julian Jerome. Olivia tries to cover but Carly realizes she spent the night with Julian. She admits she wanted to make Ned jealous. Olivia complains about Alexis. Carly thinks Alexis is a hypocrite. Olivia says she accused her of stringing Ned long. Johnny and Lulu appear. Johnny tells Olivia he's sorry about Connie and sorry he didn't get her help. Olivia hugs him. Carly thanks Johnny for giving her a heads up about Morgan. They discuss Sonny. Carly asks if he knows anything about his beating? Johnny shrugs that he has enemies. Johnny convinces Lulu to have a drink and they reminisce. Dante arrives.

At Julian's place, Carlos holds a gun on him. "The boss says you've got to go." They bicker about the boss' ever-changing demands. Carlos says if he doesn't do this, he's next. "I'm sorry." Julian argues. "Since when are you a 'yes' man?" He tells Carlos he's going to need an ally when the boss comes after him. Carlos has an idea to save them both. Carlos tells him Johnny is getting out, so theoretically, Anthony's killer is still out there. Julian realizes what he has to do. He tells Carlos to be careful and leaves.

Julian enters Anna's office and says he wants to confess to the murder of Anthony Zacchara.

Port Charles Spoilers for Tomorrow on General Hospital:

Sonny wonders why a new prisoner is behind bars.

Nathan and Dante give Johnny a warning.

Jake opens up to Carly about his memory flashes and the two continue to bond.

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