In her office, Anna thanks Frisco over the phone for getting Sloane off her back. Sloane shows up to talk about Johnny. He has evidence that Johnny is innocent. She's sure it must have been fabricated. He explains that Officer Padilla confessed to coercing the confession out of Zacchara, claiming she was forced. Sloane suggests Anna forced her. He's already had the case re-opened. Johnny is being released as they speak and a storm is coming her way.

At Pentonville, Johnny taunts Sonny about his plans to take over the Jerome family. He explains that he's getting out and going after his territory next. Johnny explains that his confession was false. He goads Sonny and threatens to go after Carly, or Olivia, or Lulu. This makes Sonny upset. Johnny keeps goading him about Carly, suggesting that she will be moving on fast. A guard calls for Johnny. His goons hold Sonny back as Johnny strolls out, crowing.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Olivia apologizes to Alexis. She doesn't buy the sincerity of the apology and confronts her about Ned. Alexis is sorry things didn't work out but assumes she slept with Julian just to stick it to her. Liv wonders why she gives a damn and accuses her of using Ned while carrying a torch for Julian. "You deserve everything you get," Olivia says.

Ric is in his hotel room with Liz. He chats to Molly on the phone. She talks to her kid on the phone and Ric curls up in bed with her. After they romp, they talk about how many bad choices he's made in the past. He's determined that this year will be different. The topic turns to Jake. He wonders what her feelings for him are. Liz claims they only almost kissed because of the mistletoe. She assures him he has nothing to worry about. As they make out, she looks worried. They get dressed and he offers to drive her home. Down the hall, Carly drops by Jake's hotel room as he slips on his robe. She orders him to have breakfast but he doesn't want charity. Carly suggests that he might be the heir to a huge fortune and begs him to make a dent in the leftovers. He agrees if she'll join him. When the food arrives, she tells him that Sonny refused to see her that morning. They discuss who he would have visit him if he were in prison. She probes him about Liz but he insists his feelings don't matter. When they leave the room to get to work, they run into Ric and Liz in the hall. Things are awkward but they wish each other happy New Year.

Fluke meets with Carlos down by the water. Carlos assumes he still wants Ric knocked off. Fluke's more concerned about Julian. He wants him taken out for failing to take out Jordan. Carlos defends Julian's choice but Fluke already has Johnny lined up to replace Jerome. The hit man thinks that Julian is more useful alive but Fluke is insistent. Carlos agrees and Fluke chuckles.

Lucas shows up at his dad's penthouse. They have a drink, and talk about lawyers and Lucas' shooting. Julian assures him Faison won't come after him. Lucas is more worried about his father. Julian explains that he's back in the mob but what he does isn't who he is. His son doesn't condone his lifestyle but doesn't want them to lose their relationship. After Lucas leaves, Carlos arrives and pulls out his gun.

Fluke heads down to his basement to tell Luke how much he stinks.

Wednesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael tells Bobbie about his plans for her childhood home.

Lulu is reunited with someone from her past.

Olivia confesses to Carly about her attempt to make Ned jealous.

Carlos hesitates about fulfilling Fluke's orders.

Julian has a confession for Anna.

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