At Maxie's place, she tells Nathan being with him doesn't seem's like being in a dream. She wonders if he was tutored in the art of seduction. She kisses him. He needs twenty minutes to recharge. He dons an apron and cooks omelettes. She hopes he always cooks in his underwear. Maxie wonders if it's been twenty minutes and jumps into his arms. After making love in the living room, they comment on the eggs now being scrambled, and how good the sex was. Nathan says pity the fools that aren't as happy as they are. He tidies and she admires his body. He makes more food but they end up having sex again. Eventually they eat. "Happy New Year."

In a hotel suite, Olivia is with Ned..she didn't know it could be this good. Alexis appears. "He's with me." She awakens beside Julian, who was dreaming about being with Alexis. Olivia jumps up and paces. "What have I done?" Julian muses that they needed to distract themselves. In another hotel suite, Ned and Alexis awaken together. Alexis says last night was just as good as she remembered. He asks if she has regrets. She flashes to kissing Julian. "Not a one." Ned flashes to Olivia but says the same. Ned talks about avoiding 'awkward situations' on their way out. They exit and run smack into a flustered Olivia and half-naked Julian bickering in their hotel room doorway. Ned accuses Julian of getting Olivia drunk to sleep with her. Olivia hollers that she did it of her own free will. Alexis has to go before she loses her appetite. Later, Olivia returns to the suite to get her shoe. Julian comments on how she owned up to what they did. Olivia says he couldn't wait to rub it in. Julian thinks they really got to Ned and Alexis. Olivia suggests they forget about each other and leaves.

At the prison, Morgan updates Sonny on family - he's hardly seen Michael. They talk about Michael not forgiving them. Sonny thinks he'll come around. He asks about Carly. Morgan tells him that Carly told Michael that Sonny cut her off but she'll always love him. Sonny is irate that Carly didn't do as he asked. Morgan says Kiki and Dr. Clay are looking after the baby. "The baby's yours, Dad." Sonny digests the news. Morgan says he didn't have much to offer anyway. Sonny feels he would be better than him. Morgan says it might have been different, who knows, but the girl has the parents she's meant to have. Morgan shows Sonny a baby photo. Time's up.

At Metro Court restaurant, Bobbie tells Fluke that she thinks her brother is still in the nuthouse and he's just another fake with his face. He schmoozes her about being his favorite, and only, sister. Bobbie pouts she's hardly seen him and asks forgiveness for not realizing about Faison. She admits Bill Eckert came to mind. She recalls how they looked like twins. He reminds her Bill's dead and he feels responsible. Bobbie says Bill wasn't a saint. They bicker. Bobbie says Bill was abusive to his son. Fluke says it's not true! "Just leave it alone!" Ned and Alexis materialize. Fluke apologizes. Bobbie asks if Ned remembers Bill. Ned says only too well - he looked just like Luke but wasn't a nice person to deal with. Ned asks Fluke, "What's with all the people who look like you wanting in on my family business?" Fluke has no appetite and leaves. Ned is sorry for pushing Luke away. Bobbie sighs. She notes he turned on a dime when she mentioned Bill. Alexis goes to call Molly and runs into Olivia, who apologizes if she hurt her. Meanwhile, Fluke meets Julian, who says he has no intention of going to prison.

At the police station, Silas and Kiki implore the cops to remove Ava's cuffs so she can hold her baby. They are persuaded, and Ava takes the baby and tells her to listen to Silas and her big sister. Kiki says they did a DNA test. Ava is disappointed to hear Sonny's the dad and asks about Morgan. Kiki says he started to invest in the idea of her being his. Ava feels bad he's hurting and worries about her child having Sonny as a father. Kiki says the baby needs a name. Ava explains why she didn't think about names when she was trying to remain unattached. She decides on the name Avery, so she has some part of her. Ava will fight to come back, but understands she's in big trouble. Ava is told it's time to go. Kiki takes Avery. "Don't let her forget me," Ava asks. Silas tells Kiki they'll figure this out together. She worries about Sonny finding his way to Ava in prison.

At the prison, an inmate whistles at Ava. Sonny says it's the mother of his child. She tells him she named her Avery and doesn't think he'll hurt her now. Sonny says, "Don't count on it."

Port Charles Spoilers for Tomorrow on General Hospital:

Fluke gives Carlos an assignment then checks in on his prisoner in the basement.

Sloane alerts Anna to details surrounding Johnny.

Liz second-guesses her feelings during an uncomfortable meeting.

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