At General Hospital, Jason/Jake and Elizabeth are laughing and having fun in his room. Jason surprises her with a gift, a set of art tools. He convinces her to do a sketch of him and is impressed by her work.

In the halls of the hospital, Sam asks Silas if Danny’s leukemia is back. As they talk, Madeline watches from the wings. Silas looks over the folder and says his cancer does appear to be back. Silas wants to rerun the tests to make sure no mistakes were made. He asks her to have Alexis bring Danny down, and to call Julian just in case he has to donate.

In her office, Obrecht catches Madeline there and wonders what she is up to. Obrecht notices her prescription pad is missing and wonders what naughty tricks Magda is up to. Obrecht leaves, but says she expects her prescription pad to be back when she returns.

At the brownstone, Nina chases Ava around until she catches her and injects her with a muscle relaxer that causes paralysis. As Ava begins to lose motor functions, her phone rings and it’s Silas calling. Nina loses it thinking that Ava is sleeping with Silas again. She tells Ava she will never lay eyes on her husband or her baby again. Nina explains she’s taking Ava’s baby as a replacement for the one Ava and her mother took from her. Nina also tells Ava that she plans to destroy Kiki’s life, but not to worry, as she won’t kill her. Nina prepares a second injection for Ava that will cause her to go into labor. Ava gets a text from Silas checking on her, but it is Nina who responds and tells him that she is fine and to take his time.

Julian meets with Anna in her office where she tells him that his sister is a suspect in AJ’s murder. Julian laughs at her theory. He says that Ava didn’t kill AJ, but she knows who did. However Julian won’t tell her what he knows and leaves. Later Dante meets with Anna. Anna has come to the conclusion that Sonny killed AJ. Dante doesn’t think that Sonny would do that to Michael, and he reminds her that Sonny was with Duke when the murder happened. Dante and Anna argue, and Dante eventually admits that Anna’s theory may be correct.

At the Haunted Star, Carly speaks to Franco in private. She tells him that she knows about him going into her computer to get the recording about AJ’s murder. Franco admits his guilt. He swears it was a weak moment, and he explains that Ava just got into his head. Franco swears he has made peace with her and Sonny’s relationship. Franco asks, they trust each other, right? She’s done nothing to break that trust, right? She says yes, so Franco says he really wants to marry her. Carly makes Franco promise that things like this won’t keep happening after they are married. He does. Carly tells him that for the record she deleted the recording, only Sonny has a copy.

Lucy arrives late to the wedding, thinking she’s held everyone up. She hasn’t and soon the wedding gets underway. The bridal march plays and Lucas walks his sister down the aisle. Josslyn tries to speak when Lucy asks if anyone objects, but Lucy shoots her down quickly. Memories of Sonny are on Carly’s mind when asked if she takes Franco to be her husband, but she says, “I do.” When Franco is asked if he takes Carly to be his wife, Franco responds, “Hell no, why would I marry a lying, cheating w****!”

At Sonny’s place, Sonny tells Morgan that Ava killed Connie. He explains that he killed AJ because Ava made him believe that AJ killed Connie, but she really did it. Morgan thinks Sonny is lying, so Sonny plays the recording from AJ’s phone to prove it. Morgan is stunned. Morgan and Sonny work things out and even hug one another. Morgan then confides to his dad where Ava is hiding.

Alexis brings Danny to the hospital and runs right into Julian. They lean on each other for support and try and hold it together. They meet up with Sam and Silas, and Silas runs more tests on Danny. Silas puts a rush on the tests and tells Sam that he’ll let her know the second he knows. Elsewhere, Obrecht returns to Jason’s room and presents him with a hospital bill and says they are discharging him.

Port Charles Spoilers for Tomorrow on “General Hospital”:

Anna has questions for Duke about Sonny.

Sonny asks Morgan if he will try and stop him.

Silas asks Madeline if she knows where Nina is.

Nina prepares to inject Ava and take her baby.

Liz tells Obrecht that she shouldn’t take her issues with her out on Jake.

Carly yells “Stop it!” at Franco, and Michael tells him to shut up as well.

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