At home, Dante plays with Rocco on the bed, both missing mommy. Liz comes by to babysit with toys for Rocco and tells Dante that Lulu has survivor in her blood.

Sabrina surprises Felix In the hospital lab. He wishes he could have surprised her but is stuck working a double, covering for Liz. She hoped he was off doing something fun, like Lucas. He tells her about the almost-threesome and Milo’s love of Epiphany. Hearing Milo talk about her, Felix realized that’s what he’s looking for, someone to love him who he can love back. Later, she tells him someone made Rafe run them off the road and is determined to look into it. He’s worried but she promises that she’s stronger now and owes it to her son. He just wants her to be careful.

At PCPD, Nathan worries about Maxie. Britt and Nik come by with food and Nathan tells them Levi’s name is not Levi. Anna arrives and pulls Nathan away to talk. Before he leaves, Nathan tells Britt nothing will ever stand between him and Maxie again. Later, Britt talks Nik down from worrying about Lulu. She has to go to work and he worries about not having her support. She promises to check in later. In the interrogation room, Anna tells Nathan and Dante that a Peter Harrell was engaged to Felicia in 1984, and stole the Aztec jewels. Frisco and Felicia stopped him and Anna theorizes Levi is his son. Peter was shot and fell into a waterfall but later resurfaced and fled Brazil. There’s been no record of him since and the WSB is not cooperating. Meanwhile, Sabrina goes to lockup.

Back at Dante’s, Liz and Rocco look at pictures of Uncle Nikolas when he suddenly shows up to see Dante. Liz wishes she could help him and he tells her Britt’s been a godsend. She knows all about the two of them almost having sex, thanks to Britt. Nik doesn’t know why Britt would tell her that and Liz scoffs that it’s because they both have feelings for him. He admits he almost slept with Britt but told her he still has feelings for Liz.

Maxie and Lulu are tied and gagged somewhere unknown. Levi returns with a new haircut and food. He removes Maxie’s gag, and when she starts screaming he screams right along with her to let her know no one can hear them. He tells them the jewels are just the beginning and this is personal. Maxie is so much more than a hostage, and Lulu is as much a part of this as she is. Maxie taunts him until he knocks her cup out of her hand, comparing her to her mother. He calls Felicia a lying, cheating b**** who only cares about Frisco. Lulu and Maxie continue to taunt him until he leaves in frustration. They realize he had used his phone to knock Maxie’s cup and it’s now on the floor. Maxie gets it with her feet and kicks it into Lulu’s hands. She calls Dante and he answers!

At home, Brad wakes Lucas up by caressing him. They’ve been holed up for 48 hours and are three seasons deep into “Knot’s Landing,” glad it is just them. Brad suddenly realizes he forgot all about Britt and jumps up, but then thinks she’s been in bed with Nik this whole time. Britt walks in on them kissing and can tell they had a good time. She realizes they don’t know about the kidnapping and fills them in. Lucas kisses Brad goodbye to go learn more. Alone, Britt tells Brad how close she was to having sex with Nik, and that she was sure to tell Liz.

At Silas’ apartment, Nina looks at Silas, innocently dreaming. She fantasizes about stabbing him with a butcher knife until he wakes up. They have some pillow talk and she asks if it was as good for him as it was for her. He gives it a 13. He thanks her for giving him the push he needed and they go another amazing round. After, she asks him if he thinks if they made a baby. He doesn’t want her to be disappointed but she just wants everything back that was taken from her. She begs to stay in bed but he has to go to work. He kisses her before getting in the shower. Alone, Nina wants to hate Silas but is overwhelmed with how incredible it was.

Back at the hospital, Nina approaches Britt and they meet as cousins. They have crazy mothers in common, and Nathan too. Nina is Britt’s next appointment and wasn’t to know if she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Felix tells Brad he’s happy for him and Lucas.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz pushes Nik off of her, smacks him in the face and calls him a royal jackass.

Franco thinks Silas would be surprised by what he knows about his wife.

Britt tells Nina she’s pregnant.

Ava has a proposition for him.

Sabrina tells Carlos that she knows who was responsible for the accident.

Dante screams at Levi through the phone as he tells the girls goodbye.

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