Shawn and Jordan finish their latest sex romp at his place. They realize they've been sleeping together for two weeks. She insists that TJ needs to stay clueless about this. He worries about them working for rival organizations. Slipping on her robe, she hints that she doesn't answer to either of the Jeromes. That raises some questions. She's vague and changes the topic to his work for Sonny. Shawn warns that their arrangement can't go on indefinitely and lectures her for dealing drugs to kids. Jordan claims she will soon be free of her bosses.

Kiki and her mom are having Ding Dongs at the penthouse. The blow out some candles but won't tell each other what they wished for. They discuss the pregnancy and the baby starts kicking Ava. Kiki feels the bump. "You're having a baby," she observes. Her mom talks miracles and thanks her for coming. They tear up and hug. Ava sends her home because this is getting corny.

Ned and Michael walk the hospital halls. Ned wants to know what's been going down with Tracy. They worry about her reliance on Luke and talk strategy. Later, Kiki finds Michael standing around. She tells him about her positive visit with her mom. He fills her in on the crisis with Tracy.

Tracy is at home talking to Luke over the internet. She informs him their plan is dead thanks to Alice. He defends his taking an 'extended business trip' but she thinks it's time for him to come home. She doesn't think she can keep fighting on her own. Luke asks her to be patient. Ned bursts in and tells Luke that his plots are over. He slams the laptop shut. Mother and son bicker about the Quartermaine legacy. He insists that Luke is a psycho and lists his flaws. She slaps him when he suggests that Luke is only using her. "We're going to get back ELQ if it's the last thing we do!" she says. He evicts her from the house. She can't believe he would do this so he reminds her of when she did it to him.

Back at the penthouse, Ava gets on the internet to speak to Luke. He wants the dirt she has on Sonny. She says that will take time. Luke thinks she's useless so she offers to do some multitasking. He asks her to kill Michael. She can't do that to her daughter. He's sure Kiki can do better and advises her not to waste his time.

Sonny hides upstairs at Carly's while Franco questions her about what she's been doing. He assumes it was Sonny. Her mom shows up so Carly uses her to cover up. Franco isn't convinced and decides to check the bedroom. When he trudges upstairs, Carly admits the truth to her mom. Sonny calls Carly to explain he went out the window. She runs outside. The mobster wishes he'd just snuffed Franco. Sonny wants to 'do her every night'. They suck face. She asks him to go and shuts the door on him after he refuses. Back inside, Bobbie tries convincing Franco that he's being paranoid. She advises him not to do anything to drive her daughter away. They go downstairs. At Bobbie's prompting, he apologizes to Carly. They embrace. Bobbie shakes her head.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina returns from Puerto Rico.

Sam discovers more clues about what happened with Rafe.

Julian tries to conceal his boss from Jordan.

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