Sonny arrives on Carly's doorstep with pizza. Franco is on the phone with her, explaining that he is going to be stuck in the elevator over night. He tells her to enjoy her pizza and hangs up. Carly demands to know why Sonny is there. "Is this how you are expanding your legitimate business?" she asks. Thunder and lightning erupts. She tries to get rid of him but he wants to keep her company. Carly caves and they sit down to eat. He lets her know that Liv thinks he should move on. The mobster mocks her relationship with Franco. He unleashes his dimples and tells her that wrong is right. He wants to save her from herself.

Milo runs into Felix by the hospital elevators. Milo needs to talk and asks to go somewhere private. They go into an exam room and Milo tells him how hung up he is on someone. As Milo explains that his father wouldn't approve, Felix gets nervous and asks him to stop talking in circles. Finally, Milo confesses that he has a huge crush on Epiphany. Felix is crushed and confused. When Milo saw her destroy Mr. Marbles, it was a huge turn on. The nurse assures him he won't have a problem getting her. Milo senses he seems sad. Felix just wants to find his special someone. He sends him off to track down Epiphany. "Any guy is lucky to have you," Milo says. Meanwhile, Liz follows Epiphany around the halls complaining about Britt. Epiphany suspects that Liz wants the prince for herself. She encourages her to hunt him down. Liz says that's not her style. Epiphany complains that the guy she likes will never go for her. Milo shows up. "Do you need a bandage or a vaccine," Epiphany asks. He nervously asks her out. She stutters and offers to make some time for him.

Nina and Franco remain trapped in the elevator. She gives Silas a call and then smashes the phone. "I'm supposed to get pregnant tonight," she complains to Franco. She thinks about babies all the time and the life she should have with the doctor. He tells her about what happened with Kiki and Ava. Nina knows all about Ava and says she'll get what's coming to her. He tips her off about Sonny impregnating Ava. She says Sonny gets around. The artist demands to know if she is intimating something about the mobster and his girlfriend. She admits she saw them kissing.

Lucas shows up at Brad's. Things are awkward as they wait for Felix. Lucas shows off his six pack and Brad downs a beer. They discuss Brad's crushes on straight men and then recall their previous two-way. Sitting down, Brad accuses him of just using him for sex to get to Felix. Lucas insists that's not the case and he'd actually chosen him over the nurse. Felix calls to say he isn't coming and they should go ahead without him. They hit the sheets.

At Wyndemere, Britt tells Nikolas about the threesome. He'd rather not talk about it. She teases him about his family's lascivious behavior. The doctor complains about Liz's passive aggressive act. He thinks she knows something about that herself. Spencer runs in and hugs her. The kid hopes they are back together but she explains it's only for the night. Nik goes off to get her room ready. By the time he gets back, the kid has the smores out. Once the kid goes to sleep, she cleans the marshmallow out of the prince's beard and kisses him.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly fights her feelings for Sonny.

Nina tries to calm Franco down.

Nikolas admits he has feelings for both Britt and Liz.

Nikolas gets an urgent call from Liz.

Evidence from the wedding is revealed.

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