At home, Emma video chats with her mom. She doesn't want to say goodbye. Patrick gets a call and avoids talking to Robin. It's Sam on the line. She tells him how determined she is to get the goods on Nina. Meanwhile, Emma gets a confirmation about the divorce from her mom. Robin promises they will always be family. After Robin signs, Emma sniffles and quizzes her dad on the end of the marriage. He assures her that it wasn't her fault.

When Robin gets off the line at the clinic, Victor tells her how adorable her child is. They bicker about him destroying her marriage. He thinks she's the one to blame and tells her to forget about this distraction. The Cassadine orders her back to work and threatens Patrick's life. She complains so he gets more threatening. Robin claims that she's had a breakthrough. He encourages her to use her new concoction on Jason. She'd rather try it on Helena or Stravros. Victor suspects her of wanting to kill his relatives and demands that she try her formula on Jason immediately. He calls in some goons to hold her back while he injects Mr. Morgan.

Silas shows up at Sam's. She's uncomfortable with him. He fills her in about Molly's memories concerning the crash. Sam isn't sure what to make of that and lets it slip that she's been spending time with Patrick. That's awkward. They discuss who Rafe might have been involved with. Patrick interrupts and Sam informs him of what Molly has been saying. Drake is baffled. After Silas mopes away, Sam tries to assure Patrick that things will be okay and gives him a hug. The doctor asks her to find the person responsible.

At the PCPD, Nathan is filled in by the photographer on why the necklace was stolen from him. He suspects Felicia was behind it but the cop suspects someone else. Nathan shows him a newspaper photo of Levi but can't get an ID.

In the ballroom, Levi smiles as he holds the necklace. Felicia pops up. He compliments her on her ear rings until Lulu and Dante arrive. Felicia pressures the cop to help the Aussie into his tux. After the men head off, she tells Lulu that she's confident in the wedding. The Spencer goes off to see her friend. Nathan comes in and tells Felicia he needs to see Levi. They discuss Levi's interest in Aztec artifacts and confirms that he knew where the necklace was. Meanwhile, Levi bickers with Dante on the way to his dressing room. He sends Dante away. As Dunkleman gets changed, Nathan shows up and confronts him about the necklace. The cop looks around and finds it easily. "So what are you gonna do? Arrest me?" Levi asks. He pulls out a gun. In the dressing room down the hall, Maxie wonders how Mac knows about Nathan's feelings. He explains the cop reluctantly told him. Mac doesn't want her to have any regrets about going ahead with the wedding. He senses she may share Nathan's feelings. She looks for reasons to dislike Nathan but Mac doesn't find them convincing. Lulu interrupts as Mac probes her for a final answer. She insists on going ahead with the wedding and sends him out. Maxie tells her friend about her conversation with Mac.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu questions Maxie about her feelings for Levi.

Levi's actions put lives in jeopardy.

Maxie and Levi's wedding begins.

Sam works with Patrick to find out who put Rafe up to the crash.

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