Nathan considers Nina’s words about winning the love he wants and knocks on Maxie’s door. Mac tells him she’s at the Haunted Star for her wedding. Nathan is shocked it’s happening so fast and Mac agrees, but Felicia made him see they needed to support Maxie. Nathan admits he has feelings for Maxie and came here to fight for her. Mac thinks Levi is too charming, telling Maxie what she wants to hear and pandering to Felicia’s Aztec heritage. He doesn’t want his little girl hurt. Mac wants Nathan to come with and tell Maxie how he feels but Nathan doesn’t want to ruin her big day and leaves for work.

At the police station, Dante hides the fact that Jordan thought Mickey’s boss sounded like Luke from Lulu when she brings him coffee. She’s ready to move forward with the baby right now but wants to make sure the timing is right for their family. Dante loves Lulu more than anything and is ready too. They kiss. Nathan shows up as Dante and Lulu awkwardly get ready to go to the wedding. Nathan just wants Maxie to be happy.

Felicia joins Maxie at the Haunted Star to prep for the wedding. Levi comes by, unconcerned with bad luck, but Maxie covers her dress anyway. He thinks she’s as beautiful as Felicia, commenting on her Aztec jewels. She reveals she traded the matching necklace for the camera she’s using in order to protect a friend. Levi thinks a person is more important than a thing and is proud to be joining the family. He leaves and Felicia tells Maxie there’s still time to call it off. Maxie is determined to marry Levi. He’s done so much for her and she wouldn’t marry him if he weren’t the one. That’s what Felicia wanted to hear and gives Maxie the Aztec ring. It has been passed down for generations and one day Maxie will give it to Georgie when she marries the man she loves. Maxie is reluctant but Felicia slides it on her finger. Mac arrives and asks for a moment alone with Maxie. He loves her and trusts her, but there’s something she needs to know about how Nathan feels.

Ava calls Franco at the hospital, urging him for the recording. She knows he wants Sonny out of Carly’s life and he tells her Sonny is already out of Carly’s life. Sonny walks up and Franco quickly gets off the phone. Franco asks Sonny if he has been keeping his distance from Carly. Sonny thinks about their kiss and refuses to talk about Carly with Franco. He can’t help it if Franco is worried about their relationship. He leaves and Nina rolls up. She asks Franco if he’s sure Carly and Sonny aren’t involved. Franco’s sure they are just friends and she wonders if he's sure about that. She wants to drop the subject but Franco insists she tell him what she knows. She denies any knowledge and they leave for their art therapy session. Meanwhile, Carly comforts Morgan and they comment Alice had a guardian angel looking out for her. Their talk turns to Sonny and Morgan tells Carly that Ava moved out. He wants to put this all behind him but he can’t because the baby might be his. His whole life he has felt like he’s been in the way. She promises him that has never been the case. Not knowing is driving him crazy. Carly hugs him and wishes she could fix this for him. She leaves and Sonny arrives. He tells Morgan that Ava set a trap that Sonny walked right into, so he had no other option but to move her in when she was pregnant - not to be a family, but to know every move she was going to make. Morgan says it doesn’t fix everything but he appreciates the bit of info. He thanks Sonny and leaves to check on Alice.

Carly visits Ava at the penthouse and tells her Morgan can’t move on until he finds out if he’s the father. She demands a paternity test. Ava refuses to risk the procedure, or risk leaving the penthouse. Until the birth, even the doctors will be making house calls. Ava thinks Carly should worry less about her relationship with Morgan and more about her relationship with Franco. She strikes a nerve and Carly tells her this is far from over.

The photographer from the Port Charles Press arrives at PCPD with a head injury. He tells Nathan he was hit in the head in his home and someone stole his Aztec necklace.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Mac asks Maxie if she shares Nathan’s feelings.

Nathan shows the photographer a picture and asks if that was his attacker.

Felicia confronts Levi and asks what he’s doing.

Silas tells Sam that someone told Rafe to force Patrick’s car off the road.

Emma is upset that Patrick and her mommy have stopped loving each other.

Robin has a breakthrough.

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