At the clinic, Sam’s cover is blown. The director wants to find Patrick but she resists and explains she’s desperate for answers about Nina’s disability. Sam tells him she’s rich and offers to fatten his wallet in exchange for the info. He gets close and would rather she fatten something else instead. She realizes he’s talking about sex. He rubs her arm and tells her she can have access to all the files she wants, but she has to give something in return. He suggests going to a closet but she knees him in the groin and runs as he calls for the guards. Meanwhile, Patrick grabs Robin’s badge and barges into her lab. Someone’s in a cryogenic chamber and Patrick demands to know if it’s Jason. She tells him it’s Stavros, and opening the chamber could set her work back by months. He wants to know where Jason is and she tells him Jason is dead. Jason was alive and she was making progress, but Victor rushed her and insisted she test on Jason. His system shut down and now Jason is dead and never coming back. Patrick demands to know why Robin hasn’t come home. She tells him she’s here because she wants to be. Could he honestly walk away from unlocking the secrets of life and death? Her research could change medicine forever. Everything is clear to Patrick now, and he turns to leave. Robin asks him for more time but he tells her he wants a divorce. She insists she will always love him. He just tells her goodbye and wishes her luck with her corpses. He runs into Sam in the hall.

At General Hospital, Sonny joins Morgan and Michael’s vigil and offers to do anything to make this easier for his sons. Morgan tells him to just leave and go back to Ava. Sonny wants to tell him something about Ava but Morgan walks away. Sonny is glad Michael is there for Morgan, and wants Michael to tell his brother that Ava is not living with him anymore.. He leaves. Meanwhile, Ned urges Monica to hurry back home after learning her trip to Baltimore was futile. He hangs up and Olivia grabs his arm. She apologizes for her drunken behavior and is glad they are friends. She hands over a big bag of food for him and the Quartermaine clan while they keep watch over Alice. He tells her Alice is getting weaker and imagines his grandfather insisting he figure something out. She tells him he isn’t his grandfather. Ned agrees - he’ll never be the man he was. She hugs him and Sonny watches. Olivia tells Ned he’s every bit his grandfather’s equal, maybe better for letting people see how much he cares. Suddenly, Olivia grabs Ned in a liplock while Sonny watches. Olivia pretends to not have seen Sonny and he coldly tells them to give his regards to Lois. Later, Olivia apologizes for violating Ned. Ned knows she wanted to stick it to Sonny and he was happy to oblige. Then, Morgan returns to Michael and learns the donor in Baltimore changed their mind. Michael tells Morgan that Ava is not living with Sonny anymore. He tries to convince Morgan that Sonny loves him and will never give up, no matter what. Ned joins them and tells them they have to prepare to say goodbye to Alice.

Julian calls Jordan at the gallery. She explains that she told the cops she shot Mickey with Julian’s gun because she took it from the gallery. Shawn enters. Julian demands more answers but she hangs up. She tells Shawn she was talking to Anna about the shooting and he says he’s got questions too. He knows she really wants to be with him and doesn’t believe her when she says she doesn’t. She tells him she went to Mickey to get ahead in the business and tells Shawn to leave. Instead, he backs her against the wall and demands honesty. She admits she feels something for him. They kiss and things get hot. Their clothes come off and they slide to the floor.

Alexis visits Julian at the penthouse. He’s over the moon to see her but she wants to know if he killed Mickey Diamond. He pretends not to know who Mickey is and that makes her mad. He’s lying to her and she knows it. Mickey approached her at the hospital and told her Julian was his associate. She wants to know if he killed Mickey for blowing up her house. “You’re damn right I did,” he says. Julian will kill anyone who tries to harm his family. Alexis understands that, but wonders why Jordan confessed.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly yells at Sonny that she’s with Franco and she loves him.

Victor is concerned with what Patrick will tell Sam.

Sam tells Patrick they need to get out of here.

Molly tells Silas that she remembers something Rafe said to her.

A woman approaches the Quartermaines at the hospital.

Alexis and Julian get hot and heavy.

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