At the park, Britt explains her plan to 'rescue' Spencer to Brad. Britt can't imagine what has happened and tries to call Spencer.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas embraces Spencer and asks him where he's been. Liz volunteers, "Carly's." Nik says he and Britt were just there - he must have heard them. Spencer's phone rings. Knowing it's Britt, Spencer says it must be Josslyn. Nik answers and tells 'Josslyn' that Spencer is back home where he belongs.

At the park, Britt hangs up from Nikolas and relays to Brad that Spencer is at home. She has a bad feeling, but decides to see what there is to salvage of her relationship. Brad thinks he should do the same.

At the coma clinic, the director confronts Sam about using the computer. She spins a yarn about trying to check the GH website, but he realizes she was hacking into the clinic files for information on Nina Clay. She wants to find Patrick, but he remembers her from the security report. Meanwhile, Patrick is stunned to see Robin emerge from the restricted room. She explains that Victor brought her there. Patrick can't believe she's been there the whole time. He rants about her being an hour away and not visiting. Robin can't talk about it. Patrick lashes out about Jason being more important than her family. She says her research is important. Patrick talks about Robin not being there for Emma. She can't discuss it. Patrick says he's there for Sam. Robin panics. Patrick assures her Sam doesn't know about Jason. He says Sam needs information on Nina Clay. Robin can't help. She tells him they both need to leave - now. Patrick wants to know if Jason's behind the door. He grabs Robin's ID, and enters as she protests.

In the art therapy studio, Nina warns Franco that she knows what he's up to and hints he should be worried about what she'll do regarding his secret. Carly appears and doesn't look pleased. Franco introduces the women. Carly wonders what they were chatting about. Nina holds up the missing poster of Spencer. Carly says he was found - at their house. She notes that Franco is acting jumpy and asks if he knew what was going on. He denies it and acts indignant. He says even if he did know, why wouldn't he just tell her? Carly doesn't know. Nina interjects that there are reasons Franco might keep such a thing to himself - like if the child was from an abusive home. Carly says that's not the case. Nina says Franco doesn't seem the type to keep a secret then - he's so kind and helpful. Once alone, Franco asks Nina what stopped her from telling Carly his secret. She admits she hasn't always been honest and confides about letting her snooty neighbor choke to death. He hopes she saw that on TV. She laughs and then asks why he kept Spencer's secret. "What does he have on you?" Franco laughs nervously. Nina muses they'll have to find out each others' deepest and darkest. Franco replies, "Game on."

Lucas opens his door wearing a towel. Felix is there with red and white wine and the "Knots Landing" box set. Lucas says he has to look for a job today. Felix thinks he's been avoiding him. Lucas complains about his kiss with Brad. Felix insists Brad kissed him. Lucas tells him to save it and go be with Brad. Felix says he wants Lucas. They bicker. Felix just wants to know if he was going to choose him. Brad appears. He's there to assure Lucas that nothing going on between him and Felix. He calls out Felix's "Knots Landing" seduction tactics. "He's trying to get underneath that towel of yours." Lucas shrugs. "Maybe I want him to." Brad complains to Lucas that they had a connection and insults Felix. Brad and Felix debate who has more sexual prowess. Lucas says they can both have him. They regard him in stunned silence. He laughs and says he was kidding. Carly arrives. They tell her they were talking. She muses there's a lot of that going on.

At Wyndemere, Liz tells Nikolas how she found out Spencer's whereabouts. Spencer grumbles about Cameron being a snitch. Nik wants to know why Spencer did this. "Tell me what's going on." Britt arrives. Spencer runs to her. She acts relieved and happy. Nikolas says Elizabeth brought his son home to him. While Nik sees Liz out, Spencer tells Britt what happened. Britt is worried this will bring Nikolas and Elizabeth together. Nik returns - he's convinced Liz to stay for lunch. He asks Britt to join them but she gets paged and has to decline. She and Spencer watch Nik walk off with Liz.

Port Charles Spoilers for Tomorrow on General Hospital:

Julian admits his crime to Alexis.

Sparks fly during Shawn and Jordan’s discussion about her involvement in a recent mob incident.

Ned tells Michael and Morgan they need to break the news to Alice about her health.

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